A Possible Lawsuit Pending:

I've got a mess on my hands. Shortly after my shave this morning, I turned on my laptop and checked my email and found this in my inbox. Centurylink is basically trying to steal money from me yet again. I have NO intentions of paying this bill because I've NOT been using their services for several months now. My account was supposed to be closed:

I tried dealing with it via their chat room and got no where basically:

I made it plainly clear that I should NOT be getting a bill because I'm not using their services at all which you will see later on:

Here's where I made it clear that I wanted my services cut off:

Here's the mindless customer service I got in the chat. They told me that I needed to contact their "customer retention department" at which point that I already told them that I already did to cancel my services and close my account which they stated the same thing over and over again. They cut the chat room off on me before I could take anymore photos:

Here's there modem which is still laying behind me in the floor unhooked and still covered in some dust. The camera didn't pick up the dust for some reason or another:

This is what I'm currently hooked to as we speak. I'm NOT even using the same phone number and Centurylink also ignored Comcast's "port request" which is why I have a different phone number:

Centurylink = worst business of all time in my humble opinion. You can't get them to fix their services period. Instead you will get jerked around from department to department with no results. Comcast even has issues with them specifically porting phone numbers over for those who want to retain their original phone number. You can't get them to come out and fix their equipment. We tried and got 3 different repair dates and all of them were "no shows" and we only got 1 phone call from a tech which never showed up even after he gave his word. They lied to me about my bill. Said that I would only be paying $69.95 + taxes every month for the next 5 years. Instead I was paying $115 dollars + taxes. The service was horrible. I could call certain people but they couldn't call us and in some cases the opposite was occurring and the line had a ton of static to where you couldn't hear anything. The icing on the cake that lead me to cancel my services was when when they kept my $50.00 dollar deposit. That's when I switched to Comcast and the technical issues disappeared and my bill is currently $63.12 per month which does include taxes. And unlike Centurylink, my Internet is always on and doesn't go off or have frequent outages like you get with Centurylink. I want people to know that I don't want to press a lawsuit and I will be paying Comcast a visit to see if I can get a printed copy of the phone number port request before I call Centurylink's customer retention department and try to settle this. But if they refuse to cooperate, then I have no choice but to contact an attorney and press a lawsuit.

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