Maggard's Shaving Soap Review:

All I can say about this brand of soap is oh wow! I ordered their shaving soap along with the other I mentioned in the previous post and I chose the "London Barbershop" scent. It's nice clean masculine type of scent that's not too over powering and yet it lasts. The slickness was good, but the cushioning ability was epic. It would be perfect for a straight razor shave. The post shave feel was also really good. It was nice and clean with a little bit of slickness left behind but not alot. It can use a little bit of extra slickness during the shave so adding a pre-shave oil, cream, or some type of soap may help in the slickness department but it doesn't need much. The container it comes in is amber in color which makes a difference in the scent. By blocking out the light and blooming the soap, the scent actually becomes stronger. The price is also excellent. You get 5 ounces of soap for $12.95. So you are getting your money's worth. I would recomend trying Maggard Razor's brand of soap. It's really good.

Tiki Bar Shaving Soap Review:

This is another soap that I got to try here recently and it was really good and easy to use. I purchased Tiki bar Soap's Peppermint Bark scented shaving soap and it did NOT disappoint me at all. The scent will remind you of a "york peppermint patty" that was made with white or standard chocolate instead of the usual dark chocolate. It was extremely easy to load and even easier to lather. Speaking of lathering capabilities, I call this soap a "volcano" when it comes to lather. The cushion was good and it has a real good level of slickness when it comes to the lather. The post shave feel was great. Not too slick, yet clean and fresh. It also wasn't too dry either which I can't stand at all. In fact it's one of the reasons why I quit using Taylor of Old Bond Street and Proraso's products. The post shave is way too dry on those 2 product lines. I do recomend adding Tiki Bar Soaps to your shaving rotation.

Soap Commander Takes Top Spot:

Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen. Here recently, I have tried 4 new soaps and all of them are indeed top performers. The first one I tried stood out and has continued to do so. That shaving soap is Soap Commander's "Endurance" scented shaving soap. I have yet to find a shaving soap that equals the post shave feel it has which is beyond belief. It also didn't leave any irritation at all and each time I've used it, I have acheived that elusive B.S.S. or Baby Smooth Shave without even trying to. That's the kind of performance that I love to get out of traditional shaving. The price of Soap Commander's shaving soaps are spot on due to the fact that you get a huge 6 ounce container of soap. The container itself is black and easy to open even with wet hands and last but not least, the label is waterproof. The scent is that classic "old school" version of  a "certain cologne" from the 60's which is awesome. It's not like the molested stuff that's being sold on store shelves today. The post shave feel is epic. It has a moist post shave feel to it that is somewhat slick but you can tell that it's extremely clean. This soap also rinses cleany as well and does not leave hardly any white residue either like I get with some other soaps. Soap Commander is a "must have" in any shave den.

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's...