Pumpkin Pie:

Today's shave was great and very delicious smelling. Even though I don't celebrate Halloween due to religious beliefs and past events, I still love the scents associated with fall such as the Pumpkin 3.14 and Autumn Factory which screams Autumn. If you don't have this in your shave cave, shame on you because this stuff is straight up pumpkin pie. The aftershave has less cinnamon and is smoother and has a little bit more sweetness to it while the soap has more cinnamon and less sweetness. These 2 items are made for each other:

And no piece of pumpkin pie would be complete without a cup of coffee:

Black coffee that is. This year has been incredible for me so far in terms of shaving and the scary part is that it's not over yet and I'm looking forward to seeing what the artisans come out with next.


Today is Friday which means a PAA product gets used and since I still have a small amount of irritation left over from yesterday's shave, I used a DE today along with Cucumber and Aqua-Velva ice blue. It makes for a very soothing and refreshing shave:

RazoRock Classic:

Today's shave was great. These edges I put on these razors are pretty good, but they're still not as comfortable as I would like them to be. It finally hit me as to why they're not as comfortable as they were and that's because I didn't use the stone before glassing it to kill the edge. Thank goodness I get paid here in a few days because I'm getting low on Aqua Velva aftershave and need to stock up on it. As far as Clubman's classic vanilla aftershave goes, it will not be restocked due to the fact that I've got the matching aftershaves to go with the soaps that the classic vanilla went with:

The scent on RazoRock's classic is a cherry and sweet almond scent.

Jack Frost:

Today's is "Steambath Factory Wednesday" and it was a phenomenal shave. I did over load the brush so I had pull out the soap and start over which turned out to be the right decision because I ended up getting ultra thick yogurt style of lather and slick wasn't the word for it. This soap is a really soft soap so I put in the fridge for 24 hours with the lid on and it should help harden it up a bit. That came from Amanda Stott who made the soap. The scent of this is a warm sugar, vanilla and peppermint candy scent which is fabulous:

Number 11:

This one makes the 11th soap that I've hit the bottom of the container on and I've completely finished off 5 soaps total which is fine because shaving soap is affordable. In some cases it may not seem like it when you look at MDC, B&M, or LPL and the price points on some of their products, but it'll take a while to completely finish off a soap if you use it in a rotation which I do. If I didn't have as many soaps as I do and didn't go easy on them, then this puck would've been gone several months ago easy. My brush is a soap hog, but I have been going easy on my soaps:

Why else would they last as long as they do if I didn't?

50's Dive Bar:

Today is "Tiki Bar Tuesday" which is a good thing because I needed a Tiki Bar fix pretty bad today and 50's dive bar was up in the rotation which is a gummy bear type candy and sweet cola scent. It smells like the miniature cola bottle shaped candy basically. I also must say that I nailed it on the stones and my razor is much more comfortable to use now. My shave was another "ice rink" which is why I enjoy straight razors shaving so much:

My YouTube Subsciptions:

I thought I'd take a moment and let people know who and what I watch on YouTube. 90% of what I watch is wet shaving related. But I also enjoy some World War 2 documentaries, along with some military aircraft documentaries which makes up the remaining 10%:

^ Geofatboy pretty much taught me how to shave, Anthony Esposito taught me how to hone my razors:

^ Nick Shaves has saved me more money on soaps and creams than I care to admit. SosharpDavid showed me how to stretch the skin and Ricos Corner taught me a better way to brew coffee. Rex shown at the bottom, taught me how to be a sniper while Pigman TV provides great TV and helps me out in selecting my hunting gear. The wet shaver's round table is really cool and connects people to various artisans which is also wet shaving related.

Bevels Been Reset:

Well after this morning's uncomfortable shave, I went back and killed the edge on both razors and started over and did exactly what I did that day I set my first bevel:

First I did 100 round trips followed by 40 seconds of half circles then I did 20 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds followed by 30 round trips on the 4K side of my stone. On the 8K side, I performed 100 round trips followed by 50 seconds of half circles, followed by 20 seconds, then I did 2 sets of 10 seconds followed by 5 seconds and then I did 40 round trips to clean up the edge. The photo you see below is the hanging hair test that I did with the Gold Monkey Jinhou razor:

I did the exact same thing with my Gold Dollar 208 which is the pile of hair in front:

Next I did my stropping routine which is 5 round trips on the scrub leather then 15 round trips on the smooth leather side to make it all nice and smooth and extremely comfortable to use which is what you are trying to obtain with every edge:

I'm pretty much going to stick with this routine from here on out and basically just add a finishing stone to my routine. If it's not broke, DON'T fix it. Once you find a method that you enjoy really well and get that perfect edge that works for you, stick with it. I already know tomorrow's shave will be very good if not epic because I couldn't even feel the hair being cut from the hanging hair test.


Today is "Take Charge Monday" which means a Soap Commander product(s) gets used and thank goodness they perform above and beyond expectations because those edges I put on my straight razors were terrible in terms of comfort. Those extra round trips and not killing the edge pretty much ruined the comfort level on today's shave and to avoid this with tomorrow's shave, I'll be resetting the bevel on both straight razors after killing the edge and duplicating what I did when I first reset the bevel. Confidence was up in the rotation and is quickly becoming one of my favorite scents. It's a sweet honey scent with patchouli and musk to calm the sweetness down but still allows it to come through and balance the scent. The ladies love this scent:

Vision Bath Bars:

I think it's safe to say that Soap Commander's bath bars are my favorites to use. As you can see below, I'm on my 3rd "Vision" scented bath bar which is phenomenal and has a really nice chill factor to it but it contains NO menthol which is a plus for those who have a sensitivity to menthol and want a chill factor to either help wake them up in the mornings or need something to cool them off and help them relax after a really long day. This soap lathers like a beast if you use one of their "soap nets" that they offer on their website which actually helps make it last longer because the soap net allows you to hang the soap up in the shower and drain off as opposed to sitting in a dish and getting ruined. This soap rinses very cleanly and doesn't leave any residue behind and it's also easy to rinse off as well. Artisan bath bars is and will be the ONLY, bath bar that I'll use because those brand named detergent bars that you see in the various markets, stick to my skin like glue and do nothing but cause me skin issues while the artisan made soaps do the exact opposite and are way more beneficial for my skin:

So check out the bath bar section at your favorite artisan soap maker's website and see what you cn find because you're really missing out on some of the best bath bars on the planet.

Tiki Bar's "Poker Nights"

Here lately I've been using Tiki Bar's bath soap and it's fantastic. It lathers up really well and rinses cleanly. There's a bit of a back story involving this soap. When I first ordered directly from Tiki Bar, she threw in what I thought was sample of her bath soap which is actually a full size bar and I didn't get use it because I forgot where I put it and basically I forgot about it. So fast forward to about a year later to when I started adding aftershaves to my collection, I found it behind my aftershaves so I started using it about 2 weeks ago now. The scent on this soap is called "Poker Nights" which is a combination of tobacco, fresh cologne, with a little hint of vanilla and fresh vetiver. That's basically the scent that I get from this fabulous bath bar. In my humble opinion this would make a great shave soap and aftershave balm especially if done in the Steambath Factory formula:

This was a soap she did for a friend who resides Alabama.

Just Finished Honing:

I'm loving this new technique that I'm using. But it's getting close to the time to start looking at mid level stones again and I'm really considering getting either a Naniwa Chosera/Professional 3K stone and/or a full size version of the Norton 4K stone which would be about double of the amount compared to this stone when it's brand new. I love this hobby and trust me when I say that it's addictive. Norton makes a good stone that's easy to use, but they do wear out faster:

Like I said in another blog post, the 4K side of the combo stone wears out rather quickly while the 8K side has held up pretty well. This is definitely great stone that I enjoy using so I'll probably just get a full size version of the 4K which is the same size as this stone is brand new but only one grit. However I'm also looking at other stones as well to add to my collection:

As usual with the Norton water stones, flattening is required before each honing session. For those that are using the Norton Flattening stone, draw a grid on it like you see below and flatten before you soak the stone. It'll go much faster for you and not wear you out as much:

And yes I do the same thing on both sides of the stone. The 8K side takes just a shade bit longer because it's a slightly harder stone compared to the 4K side:

Next I soak it in ordinary tap water for 10 minutes. For those whom are worried about soaking these Norton water stones for too long, there no need to worry because this stone seems to work better when you soak it for a longer time than normal. The 8K side does NOT require soaking but since this is a combo stone, you might as well soak the whole thing instead of just half of it:

Next I performed 100 round trips followed up by half circles on each side for 40 seconds on each side followed by 20 seconds, then 10, then 5 more seconds after that on each side then I performed 20 more round trips to clean up the edge and I did this on both sides of my stone:

After finishing the routine I mentioned above, I went back to the 4K side and did 10 more round trips then I went back to the 8K side again after that and did 20 more round trips. The edge looks like a brand new mirror that someone just finished polishing at the factory where it was made. Then I followed that up with my usual stropping routine:

My stropping routine made the edge look perfect under the loupe. I do 5 round trips on the scrub leather followed by 15 round trips on the smooth leather after honing. I'll probably do 15 more round trips on the smooth leather before shaving because I tend to forget and to make sure that I get a good shave, I usually end up stropping my razor again just to make sure.


Today is Soap Commander & DE Sunday, so today I went with their "Purpose" scented shave soap and aftershave balm. For those wondering, this was their bay rum scent and it was one of the few that was recently discontinued. I'm not really a bay rum fan, but I love this one. Today's shave was also another "ice rink" type of shave which I normally get with a straight razor, but not with a DE mainly because in order to get that kind of shave I'd have to make numerous passes. That's where PAA's Phoenix double open comb safety razor comes in handy because it allows you to get that ice rink shave that us wet shavers often seek:

Avoid the Flattening Stones:

I got lucky with my Norton Flattening Stone that you see directly below. There's a 50/50 chance that it will NOT be flat, and it's good for Norton and softer water stones ONLY and you must use it before soaking the Norton water stones and under luke warm tap water. Naniwa also has their flattening stones and from what I've been told, they're worse than the Norton flattening stone is in terms of being flat and performance. Knowing what I know now, I will NOT buy this stone again:

Here's the absolute BEST thing you can buy period along with a 12 by 12 inch marble or granite floor tile and turn it upside down. Take the powder you see below and make a paste with it, and you'll have a the fastest and best water stone flattening system in the world:

^ Once I start getting all of my stones in including my naturals that I do plan on purchasing, I'll do a blog post and demonstrate how to flatten the stones using the system I described above.

Norton 4/8K Revisited:

Next week will make 5 months since I've ordered and owned the Norton 4/8K combo stone, and I've learned a lot about this stone and all of the pros and cons of this water stone. Would I buy this specific stone again? Yes and No. Knowing what I know now compared to 5 months ago when I first got the stone is what makes the decision. In terms of comfortable edges, yes I would buy it again because I've been getting some of the best shaves I've ever gotten since I began wet shaving. In terms of practically, No I won't buy this stone. It's own instructions already contradict it because it's a combination stone which is why I won't buy it again. The instructions state that Norton 4K stone and below require 10 minutes of soaking before honing, while the 8K stone/side is a "spray and go" so what do you do, only soak half a stone? Might as well soak the entire stone. Another problem is Longevity because the 4K side of the stone is about gone, while the 8K side does show some wear but is still pretty close to the same size that it was when it arrived here: 

If I had the funds and knew that this would occur, I would've bought them separately to get my money's worth out of these stones. That is the ONLY regret I have about this particular stone. The shaves are great once you learn how to use this stone. Now in terms of the 220/1K Combo stone, I was told by many people NOT to buy it because it dishes really bad and it was basically useless. I kindly agree with that because I've already proven that I can kill the edge of ANY razor, and take it all the way to "shave ready" and get a really close and comfortable shave using this stone ONLY along with my simple stropping method. So unless I get a razor that has some serious issues, the 220/1K is useless. So after owning both the Norton 4/8K combo and flattening stone, these particular stones are what I would consider "middle of the road" water stones with some annoying issues. They're decent but there's better stones out there.

Crackling Birch:

Today's shave is for an event in the Face Book group called, "The Dirty South Shavers" and the event is called "Sample Saturdays" and right now the only soap sample that I have is Soap Commander's "Serenity" which is their current L.E. soap that was recently released which is a crackling birch scent. The shave was phenomenal, but it's getting close to time to pull out the stones and do a touch up though. I've not decided on how I'm going to to this just yet:

C.a.D. & American Blend:

Today is Friday which means a PAA product(s) get used and my all time favorite PAA scent was up next in the rotation and since I'm in a slight hurry today, I went with a my Phoenix Double Open Comb with Bolzano Superinox blades. I do plan on getting their matching aftershave to this because the Fine American Blend aftershave simply doesn't last long enough and on some days, I only get an alcohol scent which is too bad because when you get the actual scent, it screams barbershop and the ladies love it as well. But still the C.a.D's 1980's Barbersol canned goo scent is the best period:

Oh this part is not shave related, but do say a prayer for the poor souls on the pacific coast of Mexico. They're about to be hit with the strongest Category 5 Hurricane on record at 205 MPH:


That's Not Good:

Well I thought I had converted my dad to wet shaving, but this seems to not be the case. He told me that they've put him on blood thinners and that he couldn't shave with the DE safety razor I got him which is a mild twist to open safety razor. The problem sounds legit, but my dad has told so many tales that you really can't believe him. He's a prankster and loves to stir the pot which should tell you all you need to know. He also said that they told him that he had to change the tooth brush he uses to a soft one instead of medium. I hope this doesn't happen to me when I get older than I am because I think I'd go crazy (some say I'm already there) if I couldn't use a straight razor or a DE safety razor. The razor I got him has no weight to it along with almost no blade exposure and I got him a TTO because he doesn't have enough grip in his hands to fully assemble or disassemble a razor to put a blade in it. I've heard of similar stories to this but have never seen it first hand though:

He has also finally realized that smoking is what caused the calcium deposits to build up in legs which is why he had to have stints put in one leg. He still has another leg to get done so they put it off until after his current wife gets back from visiting up here. I'm glad and happy to quit smoking when I did which will 4 years April 18th, 2016. Do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and QUIT NOW.

RazoRock's Don Marco:

Today is Thursday so that means a RazoRock product gets used and Don Marco was up in the rotation. I need to try more of RazoRock's products such as their aftershaves along with a couple of their other soaps. This one here is getting low. I've also been interested in trying other brands of soap as well for a slight change of pace to keep from getting burned out as well. So yours truly is in the market for some new soaps here pretty soon:

Number 10 Done:

Yes that is my 10th soap that will be or has been finished off this year. It's my brush ladies and gentlemen. It's a "boar" brush which means that it's a soap hog. Even though I go easy on my soaps as much as possible, I still have to "feed the pig" with a diet to get a decent lather. This is only the 5th one that I've completely finished off this year and it took almost a year to finish those off:

It's a good thing that the soaps I buy are affordable.

Jack Frost & Aqua Velva:

Today is "Steambath Factory Wednesday" and since I only have one of these soaps at the moment, that means Jack Frost which is becoming a favorite of mine the more I use it. It has a warm sugar with a little hint of hard peppermint candy and after blooming this soap, I can now detect a little hint of vanilla in there as well. This soap is very good and Aqua Velva's classic ice blue goes perfectly with this soap. Today's shave was also an "ice rink" type of shave, but I did make one extra pass and got a slight hint of razor burn which the aftershave eliminated:

Now as far as lathering goes, this soap is a monster when it comes to lathering. Think of Tiki Bar's vegan based soaps on crank and it doesn't take much soap either to produce what you see below:

This soap also rinses cleanly as well with no residue left behind:

All in all, I would definitely recommend that you get this soap. If you love Tiki Bar, then you'll love this soap. This particular soap is also extremely good and soothing for highly irritated skin. So if you need to shave and have a bad case of razor burn, skin irritation from the elements or coming off a severe reaction to a soap, then this soap is definitely for you. It's also very good for those who love menthol and have sensitive skin and are sensitive to menthol in particular.

This one makes 9:

This is really not surprising considering that these are soft soaps and I tend to burn through them faster than any other puck of soap period. Creams are a waste of time because they definitely don't and won't last at all especially with my Omega 10049 Professional Boar brush which is like a broom when it comes to loading soaps even when I go easy (it's obvious that I have been going easy or I'd be finishing off these soaps much sooner) on them. I'm past overdue for getting a new brush and have been looking at various ones that are available and I've also been looking at getting a couple of custom made brushes. So with that being said, say hello to number 9:

1920's Barbershoppe:

Today is "Tiki Bar Tuesday" and the shave was extremely good and nothing but fine. First I started off with a nice hot shower which ALWAYS makes the shave even better the experience is not only more enjoyable, but it's also very relaxing and calming especially after a long day. I also paired it with one of my favorite classic aftershave splashes which is Pinaud's Clubman original:

Number 8:

Well this one takes the longest and there's no telling when it will be completely finished off either. This is my oldest puck and one of this first artisan soaps I ever bought. And if it lasts until the 1st week of march, it'll be a 2 year old puck of soap. This one might last that long until it's completely finished off because Soap Commander is a hard puck which I love because they have longevity. I kindly wish I bought some of Soap Commander's products sooner:

Soap Commander will enjoy seeing this because I don't think anyone has seen the bottom of a soap commander tub before.

Endurance & Old Spice:

Today is "Take Charge Monday" which means a Soap Commander product(s) is getting used and since it's their "Endurance" scent which is the 1938 version of the Shulton Company's "Old Spice", I figured why not add the splash that I have to it. Today's shave was epic in every sense of the word, period. Since I put such a comfortable edge, I decided to do a "Money Pass" (against the grain) along with the Fool's Pass (against the grain) on my moustache area to get a closer shave and I'm glad that I did because it was another "ice rink" type of shave and the best part is there was NO irritation of any kind with the Fool's pass on my moustache area at all. I almost NEVER get that kind of shave on my moustache area. Even with a mild DE safety razor, I got irritation on my moustache area by doing the "fool's pass" until today's shave. Good luck getting me away from straight razors after this shave, wow:

I Love Honing:

As many of you already know, I made a mistake while stropping a few weeks ago and dulled one of the best edges on both of my straight razors that were honed on a Japanese natural water stone, which was epic. In fact the edges were so keen, they were almost too sharp to use. So I went and got my Norton 4/8K stone out and touched them up to keep them going. Unfortunately I ended up sending them back out to be re honed from scratch which was really comfortable. So later on I decided to take the initiative and hone my own razors from bevel setting on up, and tried to use 3M's lapping film which was about a week ago. So I killed the edge to where it could NOT shave anything. That proved to be a mistake because the lapping film did NOT produce any results. So turning a negative into a positive, I decided to set the bevel using the only stone I have which is the Norton 4/8K combo water stone, and I absolutely love the results I got when I did the routine listed below. No hair or stubble left at all and has NO PROBLEM passing the infamous hanging forearm hair test either, and yet it's similar to using a butter knife in terms of comfort:

One of the drawbacks to honing is the fact that your forearms eventually won't have any hair left and my honing method is very easy to do which I will list below. The possibilities and type of edges are endless when it comes to honing and me attempting and successfully resetting my own bevel proved it to me in every way possible. The biggest shocker is the fact that I had it shave ready in less time than I expected and then some because a lot of people have told me that it does take a while to reset a bevel on anything above 1K grit which is somewhat true, but that's ONLY if you have a huge amount of razors to hone and if you are in a hurry to finish up when you should NOT be:

Remember that this experience is meant to be enjoyed, and NOT RUSHED. If you rush things, you don't get to enjoy anything and you often make mistakes in the process. So take the time to enjoy it.

Step one in my routine is 100 of these round trips found in the video link listed below:


Step 2 is the method in the video listed below:


After using the method in the second video link I posted, I go back and do 20 more round trips shown in the first video which cleans up the edge. Now on the 8K side, I do 50 seconds instead of the usual 40 that's listed in the second video I posted followed by 20 round trips. This seems a little weird, but the end results will speak for themselves. In terms of comfort, this method produced one of the most comfortable edges and smoothest shaves I've ever had in my life which says quite a bit because I've used a lot of DE blades and several different edges off different stones that were really comfortable. Another thing to remember is this saying which is very true: "There's NOTHING like shaving off your own edge". After honing both of my razors from start to finish, I can say that it's definitely true in every sense of the word.

Crackling Birch:

Today is "Soap Commander Sunday" and since a friend of mine already posted a shave of day with this soap in the Face Book groups, I figured why not and see what it was like and I'm glad that I did. The scent is called "Serenity" which hasn't been released just yet. I'm hoping it becomes a full time soap in their product line up. The scent is a "crackling birch wood" scent and when you first smell it, you get cinnamon with a little hint of birch towards the end. This changed after I bloomed the soap. The birch really came out after blooming and it was incredible. I also got a little sneaky last night and reset the bevel on my Jinhou straight razor and it's now the same edge as my gold dollar 208 which means ultra smooth and comfortable and yet no hair left behind. I also don't have hardly any forearm hair left either because of it. So today's shave was basically an "ice rink" type of shave. The scary part is that I only go as high as 8K in grit, and yet I can get a stone that goes as high as 30K if I had the funds which I still don't at the moment:

A Surprise Soap:

Now that the "Dirty South Shavers" Face Book group's meet up is under way, one of the members decided to post up a new limited edition soap from Soap Commander for his shave of the day. This is a sample of that soap which has not yet been released to the general public. The name of this soap is called "Serenity" which has a phenomenal scent. It came really close to being the seasonal soap but was edged out by the current soap called "connection". The scent of this soap is a "Crackling Birch" scent. I get cinnamon in it with a little hint of birch towards the end. This is an L.E. soap so this one will go very fast when it goes up for sale:

Being a member of the seasonal scent crew has its perks to say the least. How they're doing it this year is unknown because they're planning on making some changes to the membership packages this coming year. But last year members got a choice of which level they wanted which is listed below:

Bronze Level: Shaving Soap ONLY
Last year members got multiple samples of shave soap which they voted on and just before it's released, they got a full size puck of soap. This is a great value and allows you to try various new scents. Soap Commander's samples go a really long way because they're a hard puck style of soap. I've personally heard of people getting nearly 20 shaves out of a single sample which is a 1 by 1 inch square.

Silver Level: Shaving Soap and Aftershave Balm
This was probably their most popular level last year because members not only got what was stated above in the bronze package, but they also got a full size 4 ounce bottle of the matching aftershave balm just before it's released to the general public.

Gold Level: "Take Charge Experience"
And just when you thought it could not get any sweeter, the gold level includes a matching bath bar on top of what you got in the silver package and let me tell you, these bath bars are epic. So that's a bath bar, shave soap and matching aftershave balm for every season in 1 calender year upon signing up which would be epic.

^ Like I stated earlier, this was last year's membership packages and they do plan on making changes to these packages plus they have confirmed that they are in the process of getting started making aftershave splashes but are still a long ways off. The seasonal scent crew won't be available until around the Thanksgiving holiday which I definitely plan on signing up for.

1K & Aqua Velva:

Today's shave was epic and very blissful to say the least. I got the "ice rink" type of shave again and no burning from the aftershave occurred either. This edge is clearly my favorite in terms comfort. And it leaves NOTHING behind either. I ought to set more bevels on the 4K stone more often, wow. But the one I have is about gone, but that's fine because the Norton 4K stone is easier to get than most of the others that are out there:  

It was a 2 pass true BBS shave.

That's #7:

Well it won't be long now. Say hello to my 7th soap that I'll be finishing off this year. Yes that is what I said, my 7th soap. This one will definitely be restocked in my rotation:

I'll probably finish it off around December of this year.

Eh+ and Clubman Vanilla:

Today's shave was fantastic and very comfortable. I got a true BBS in just 2 passes which is always awesome. This is my newest razor from Anthony Esposito which couldn't have come at a better time because I can no longer use my Gold Dollar 66 due to rust. If my 208 starts to rust, I'll be getting another one of that specific razor from Anthony Esposito mainly because it's been my favorite straight razor. I also need to stock up on this aftershave:

For those wondering about the brush, it's an Omega 10049 Professional Boar hair brush.

Mail Call:

Today's mail call is from Mr. Anthony Esposito and it's awesome. This is a Gold Monkey Jinhou straight razor and it cost me only $35.00 dollars shipped. I've already shaved off of it and let me tell you that it's a nice, smooth, and comfortable edge. So if you are looking to get into straight razor shaving and don't have a lot of money to spend or just wanting to try it out, then I recommend that you contact Anthony Esposito. You can find him on Face Book, Twitter, G+ and I'm not certain if he's on instagram or not:

It came sealed for nuclear war. I like to have never gotten this box open which is a good thing and more people should seal the packages up like this:

I had to grab my pocket knife for this one:

I'm very excited and pleased with this mail call. It couldn't have arrived at a better time because my Gold Dollar 66 can no longer be used do to it starting to rust. My 208 may have to be rescaled but it's held up really well.

Apple Pie:

This morning's shave was phenomenal and it features one of Tiki Bar's newest L.E. soaps which will be available tomorrow around 3 pm est. But I couldn't hardly believe the post shave quality I got this morning. I got that "ice rink" type of shave with no razor burn or anything. The only area that didn't get cleaned up to good this morning was my moustache area but it was more than satisfactory. I meant to post this much sooner but I've been on the go since 9: AM this morning and haven't had time to post it:

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's...