Purpose, Old Spice & The 209:

Today's shave ended up being great. More on that in a couple of moments. I decided to "Take Charge" today with Soap Commander and their bay rum scented soap which is called "purpose". Sadly this soap has long since been discontinued but that's okay because there's several other bay rum soaps out there. To finish off the shave I paired it with both the matching aftershave balm and Old Spice aftershave splash which kindly turns this into a spiced bay rum scented shave:

The 209 didn't do good at all on the first pass and it definitely needs to be re honed yet again. It was like I was shaving with a butter and just upsetting my beard. So after the 1st pass I wiped the blade off and put it away and finished the shave with a Bic twin blade disposable. Surprisingly I got a squeaky clean post shave feel after just 2 passes. In terms of hair being removed it was an ice rink, but I had some serious razor burn as a result. Soap Commander's matching aftershave balm quickly took care of the razor burn and the splash really burned as well.

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