9 and Tombstone:

Today's shave was epic. I got another "ice rink" type of post shave yet again. In fact I got so close today that there's a really good chance that there might not be a shave tomorrow. I won't know for sure until I get up tomorrow morning:

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early because I have to take mom to get a CT scan done. The ear, nose and throat doctor found a mass in her pariah gland and they wanted to have more tests done. After these tests, she'll be going back to the ear, nose and throat doctor on February 17th. I'm hoping that it's nothing serious.


This morning's shave was great and very enjoyable. It should be a crime for a shave to be this good. I didn't quite get an ice rink but it was still pretty close. When this Cucumber scented soap comes back out, you guys need to grab it A.S.A.P. It's a straight up freshly sliced cucumber scent that has a soothing and some what of a cool post shave despite the fact that there is no menthol in this soap:

I've got a ton of plans this year for both razors and soap. After tomorrow's shave, I will be using what ever I am in the mood for because I have been craving a lot different soaps here lately and wait until I go on that buying binge. First razor I'll be buying will be the Aluminum version of the Mongoose. After that, I will be buying a lot of DE safety razors, honing stones and straight razors. 2016 is the year of hardware for me.

Number 4 of 2016 Down:

Well this will have people going. This my 4th soap of 2016 and in less than 1 month that I have finished off. This one can NOT be restocked because it was discontinued quite some time ago now:

I didn't have much left at all to put in this container:

Now the question is what scents do I replace it with, which is really cool because there many to choose from.

Eh+ :

Today's shave was great. I nailed it with my Gold Monkey in terms of honing. I couldn't have gotten a more comfortable shave than I did today wow. This soap is no longer available but for those who are wonder what the scent is on this soap it's maple syrup, vanilla and nutmeg. This soap had 2 really good runs and apart from myself, you would only see it once in a great while. So it's not a big surprise to see this soap discontinued for a second time:

It's a good soap, but it's time for change. Speaking of change, as of today we are NO Longer insured with Geico. And due to comcast's sorry attitude, I will be talking to Centurylink here in a few minutes. Comcast all but tried to blame their trouble with service on me. So I will be changing my PC over to my Gmail account.

New Blades & Razor Soon:

As I expected, this morning's shave would tell a story. These Perma-Sharp blades are great. Unfortunately I have to switch blades again and I also need to get a more aggressive DE safety razor as well. My beard is simply too tough for these blades now and with a sharper blade in the Edwin Jagger DE 89, I have to make 3 or more passes to get a clean shave which is too many for me and my sensitive skin. I will miss these comfortable blades:

Up until today, I've been making 4 passes with the DE and after switching to a Bolzano Superinox DE blade for today's shave, that went down to 3 passes which was a huge help. But still it's NOT enough. With my straight razors, I get an "ice rink" type of post shave with just 2 passes which is basically what's needed. Another alternative is to stop shaving for a few days which is a really bad idea due to how fast my beard grows now. So I basically have to shave daily to stay ahead of it. I'm already set on what kind of blades to get along with what DE razors I will be getting as well.

Kilted Tiki & Walk The Plank:

Today is Amanda Stott's Birthday and in her honor, I let her pick today's shave and this is what she chose. Her favorite soap that she makes is the Kilted Tiki which has a very nice scotch whiskey and peat moss scent to it and she also uses real scotch whiskey in place of the water to make this fabulous soap. Another scent that she likes as well is the Walk The Plank scent which was changed somewhat and it was for the better. She went light on the rum which gives it a sweetness and added more coconut and salt water and it's a phenomenal scent. Aqua Velva's classic ice blue aftershave splash before the balm to cool my face off a bit:

Another discovery was made today as well, new blog post is coming here shortly.

Gold Monkey Rehoned:

This morning's shave was pretty rough due to the razor pulling and tugging something fierce. So after I got my shave cave cleaned up and everything that I used put away, I performed a full blown stropping session on my Gold Monkey razor and then I glassed it. Not good was a collective understatement and I could definitely tell that the bevel HAD to be reset so I killed the edge and then I performed another full blown stropping session and then re glassed it:

Now after doing 2 full blown stropping sessions, I did 200 round trips, followed by 50 seconds then my usual 20/20, 10/10, 5/5 seconds then 10 more round trips or "clean up strokes" on the 4K side of the stone which is just about gone:

On the 8K side I did things a bit differently because unlike my Gold Dollar 208, the Gold Monkey triple 6 likes more time on the stones. I guess it's due to a different metal and/or alloy mixture which proves that NOT every razor will hone the same way. I performed 300 round trips on the 8K side followed by the usual 40/40, 20/20, 10/10, 5/5 seconds and then did 10 clean up strokes. After that I did yet another stropping routine. I did 5, 10, and 20 round trips on my starter strop followed by 40 and 100 round trips on my latigo strop. The "hanging hair test" says that the razor is shave ready and then some. But I will know for sure during my next shave with it.

1K & Aqua Velva:

This morning's shave was decent but I still got a close shave. It's time to reset the bevel on this razor because it wasn't that long ago when I did a touch up and it tugged and pulled something fierce this morning and left more than a few weepers behind. The soap is great and has a licorice and Anise scent to it. Anise is often used in Asian cuisine and it completes this specific scent and Aqua Velva's classic ice blue goes really well with this soap for some reason:

Chocolate Bourbon:

Another delicious smelling shave this morning and now I am thirsty. I may get me a nice cup of hot chocolate which is what this soap and aftershave smells like, an old school hot chocolate. The shave I got today was also another "ice rink" type of shave. I normally don't get this with my DE 89 but today I did which is always a good thing:

My Twitter Handle:

As most of you know from this past episode of the Wet Shaver's Round Table, I signed up for Twitter so I can interact with people on the show and what not. My new handle is Stephen Davidson@knightmare10151 if you wish to follow me on twitter you now can. In the beginning, I tried Twitter and for some reason it did NOT get along with my standard email at all and it still doesn't. So I signed up using my Gmail account instead:

So to catch all of my latest shave of the day posts as well as the Face Book groups and G+, you can now also find them on Twitter as well.

Pumpkin 3.14, Day 2 of 7:

Man I need to quit ordering these food and beverage based scents because I always end up getting either hungry and/or thirsty after using them. The scent on this soap and aftershave is straight up Pumpkin Pie. The only difference between the 2 is that the aftershave is a little more sweeter and is much smoother and also has other elements to it's scent. With me finishing off a tin yesterday, I will have to use my mixed soap at least twice because I didn't realize I was that low on PAA's soaps. I also had to satisfy a craving I got for a straight razor shave this morning as well:

I got a tiny little bit of burning from the aftershave splash this morning so I grabbed my Soap Commander integrity balm (unscented) which took care of the burning sensation I got:

The post shave was epic and very smooth this morning. Not quite an ice rink but it was close and I was in  a bit of a hurry this morning because I had to take my mom to work due to the recent bad weather. Change number 1 was made today when I had one of Comcast's local branch offices remove the cable TV service from my bill. I still kept the phone and Internet services. My cable bill will now be $80 Dollars per month and with my satellite TV bill being just $45 dollars per month my over all service is now just $125 dollars per month. Combine that with changing auto insurance companies, we will be saving a lot of money this year.

Number 3 of 2016:

Well this one has one has been coming for a really long time. It's also the end of an era because this the last of my 2.0 formula. Which has been gone now for a really long time and now its successor is also gone (2.5 ended not long ago):

I didn't have a lot left to add to this container today:

I stretched this one for a shade under 2 years so people can't say I burned through this one.

Day 1 of 7: C.a.D:

Today is day 1 of 7 of PAA week and today's shave was simply fabulous. I used one of my most popular shaves of all time which is C.a.D and Clubman. This is basically a 1980's Barbersol canned cream scent paired with an all time classic cologne found in barbershops all over the U.S. Today's shave was also another "ice rink" type of shave which I normally don't get with a DE:

My next blog post will send some people into orbit.

PAA Week:

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a PAA "blast from the PAAST week" which will feature some classic soaps and the very first regularly used DE safety razor, the Edwin Jagger DE 89. Now there's one day that will NOT feature a PAA soap and that's Thursday which is already planned for an artisan soap maker's birthday (Amanda Stott) shave which she has already picked out. I didn't do it too much at all in 2015 and I decided to start doing it this past week. But PAA will also get that Sunday to make sure they get a full week's worth of shaves:

This will be fun and will feature some products that are destined to become classics. All of my PAA scents are now eligible due the fact that they are now an old formula (either 2.0 or 2.5).

Dragon's Blood and More Snow:

This morning's shower and shave was very refreshing and satisfying to say the least. Reef Point Soaps was up since it's Saturday and Dragon's Blood was also up next in the rotation which is a nice earthy but woody masculine scent with a little hint of sandalwood in there to pull everything together. Thankfully there's not enough sandalwood in there to cause a reaction. Now for this week only, I will be using my DE 89 and I will also be switching 2 soaps around. Tiki Bar will be used Thursday and TTFFC will be used Tuesday. My post shave feel right now is another "ice rink":

In terms of the snow, we got roughly about 20 inches give or take a little:

Here's a closer look. To the right of the pole in the photo, my back porch is about 2 feet tall and it's about 4 inches shy of being even with my back porch:

It's still snowing at times off and on and how long this will continue is unknown at this time. It's also unknown how much we will actually end up with in terms of snow totals too:

The Local Forecast was NOT even close to being accurate in terms of both snow totals and when it was suppose to hit. The national news was pretty close. The weather channel was also pretty close in terms of snow totals but that was it.

9, Tombstone and a Blizzard:

Today is Friday which mean PAA is getting used and I decided to go with 9 which is an exact match for Hoppes #9 and Tombstone which is Gun Powder, Leather, Tobacco and Rose. This morning's shave was killer but I didn't get a chance to post it. You will see why down below and I have been running around like crazy today, so sorry for the late posting:

The storm has NOT hit yet, but we got another 5 inches on top of the 6 inches we got Wednesday:

The forecast says anywhere between 18 to 24 inches by tonight but they were way off Wednesday:

Washington D.C. will get hit the hardest with 30 or more inches. I served as transportation today because it was clear that mom would definitely not be able to get out. They closed early today and they're not really sure just yet on what to do about tomorrow. Mom is suppose to work but with the weather getting worse, there's a 95% chance that they won't open tomorrow:

While I was waiting for mom to finish up, I talked to one of the salt truck drivers and he basically told me that the national weather service said that they're expecting 28 inches on top of what you see in the photos above. By the time this monster hits, ugly will not do it justice. How much we will actually get is unknown at this time.

Honing Session Completed:

Yesterday morning's shave was pretty rough and what pretty much told me that I needed to reset the bevel was the fact that I had just performed a touch on the stones with my Gold Dollar 208 only. So I killed the edge and reset the bevel on the 4K side of the stone and did my usual routine on both sides of the stone. If this edge does NOT work, I'll send it out to my mentor for a jnat edge:

TTFFC's "Steel" :

Today is Thursday which means that a TTFFC product gets used and up next in the rotation is Steel which has a very nice green apple, gingerbread, and vetiver scent. Fine's Clean or Fresh Vetiver will pair extremely well with this soap and so does Clubman original aftershave. I do plan on getting the matching aftershaves to her soaps. This morning's shave had to be quick so I grabbed my DE 89 and went ahead with the last shave on the blade:

The post shave I have now is great and super comfortable. It's still not as close as I would like it to be. So a new DE safety razor is definitely in the works. I'll be doing a "Franken Razor" which basically a customised DE safety razor which remain top secret. It'll be a surprise that much is certain. 2016 has been dubbed year of the hardware for me in terms of honing stones and razors.

The Kraken:

Today's shave was good but could have been much better. I may have to reset the bevel on the 208. It was still better than yesterday's shave but for some reason even the touch up I performed yesterday did not help it out enough. So it looks like another honing session will be needed for the 208 only. Today is also Wednesday which means that Mickey Lee Soapworks gets used and since I only have The Kraken at the moment I went with it and some Aqua Velva classic ice blue aftershave today. This soap is awesome. I had plenty of slickness and cushioning ability which is what saved this morning's shave and then some:

And for those wondering if it's snowing here, yes it is:

We got what you see above in 1.5 hours and it's not easing up either. They're expecting 1 to 4 inches in our area tonight. The only good thing about today in terms of the weather today is that it's much warmer today than it was yesterday. My back door was frozen shut yesterday and I couldn't get it opened until about 1 PM and it was effort to get it open as well.

208 gets a touch up:

After this morning's shave, I could tell that this razor needed another go on the stones. It struggled to go through my beard and some of the hairs were not getting cut and the blade felt like it was trying to dig into my skin. Thank goodness that the soap I was using was slick and had some good cushioning ability to it because I would have gotten cut for sure. So I did my usual routine and yes this included BOTH sides of the stone. This Norton 4/8K combo stone is decent for beginners, but it's NOT for me. And now that we're making a couple of changes on our end, getting more stuff will be easier. I knew our auto insurance that we had was high, but didn't know it was that high until we started paying the bill online and the premiums were eating us alive:

So we went to a local agent and got the same coverage for one third of what we was paying. That was the first major thing we changed. The second is that I recently placed an order for DirecTV which will be costing me $43.00 per month instead of the usual $65 per month for basic cable which will be going up next month according to the statement that was printed on my bill.

Number 2 of 2016:

Well I seemed to have miss calculated a little bit. I knew I was low on this one but not this low until I used it in this morning's shave. But say hello to number 2 of 2016. This one wasn't hard to finish off because this was one of her smaller soaps but it's a soap that got finished off and there may be another one coming here pretty soon:

but not to worry, I'm doing this with ALL of my soaps:

I say the next one will be my C.a.D. scented soap.

50's Dive Bar:

Today is "Tiki Bar Tuesday" and for today 50's Dive Bar was up. The scent on this soap is amazing. If you've ever seen the little bags of gummy candy shaped like miniature cola bottles and have ever eaten any of them, this soap smells exactly like that candy. Today's shave wasn't as good as it was yesterday. My 208 will need another touch up on the stones which I will do later on:

But other than that it was a decent shave. The 208 takes an edge differently from the Gold Monkey Jinhou razor does which was spot on in yesterday's shave.

Toasted Marshmallow Bath Bar:

This morning before my shave I used a new bath bar from Through The Fire Fine Craft. It's my favorite scent of her bath bars so far and it took a lot to keep me from eating it this morning. Toasted Marshmallow is the scent and it's phenomenal. It lathers like a beast and rinses very cleanly with no residue at all. I'd love to have this scent in both a shave soap and aftershave:

I'm really loving these artisan bath bars and my skin is loving them as well. Thing only thing I regret is that I didn't try these artisan bath soaps sooner. And I've still got more to try as well.

Integrity & The Beach:

Today is "Take Charge Monday" and that means a Soap Commander product gets used and today's soap is their unscented soap called integrity. This is the soap that I use for my hunting set up when I have to remain scent free if you will but hunting season is a really long ways off and with all the brutally cold winter weather, I decided to use PAA's "The Beach" since I've not used it in a while. First I started off with a hot shower and used a new bar of soap which it took a lot for me not to eat this morning which will be another blog post. That touch up made a huge difference for the better because I got another "ice rink" shave and the shave itself was like using a butter knife in terms of comfort. That is the type of edge that my skin loves. No hair or stubble left and yet it felt like I was using a butter knife:

This is the kind of shave that gets everyone hooked on straight razors. And the stone I use is a synthetic stone, so wait until I get some natural stones and work with those for a while and get dialed in. It's going to be epic for sure because I only go up to an 8,000 grit stone at the moment.


Today is Soap Commander Sunday and one of my favorite scents that they make was up next the rotation. Confidence is a blend of overly sweet honey with patchouli and musk. These scents are perfectly balanced and the ladies go crazy over this scent. The post shave feel today was blissful. I couldn't have gotten a better shave today with my DE 89. It's NOT an ice rink shave, but it was close and very comfortable. I think I'll keep this razor for when I get cut or have a shave that's too close for comfort and still have irritation left over:

TTFFC's Cut Throat:

Today's shave is a tribute shave to Maria Arman the owner of Through The Fire Fine Craft Soaps. Yesterday morning, her grandfather lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully in his sleep. So for today, I used her products apart from the aftershave. First I started off with a hot shower using her Wisp scented bath bar which I finished off this morning so that means it's time to stock up on my bath bars. Then for my shave, I used her "Cut Throat" scented shave soap which pairs perfectly with Pinaud's Clubman aftershave. The scent is a citrus based 1930's barbershop which is lemon, lavender and oakmoss scented soap combined with a light fougere' and powdery based scent and it's phenomenal. In terms of post shave, I got another "ice rink" type of shave with my Edwin Jagger DE89 using a fresh Perma-Sharp blade which normally doesn't happen with this DE safety razor. But I got it with 3 passes and one touch up on the bottom of my chin:

Normally I'd have to make more than 3 passes with the DE 89 to get a true BBS and I often pay for it in spades with severe razor burn and/or irritation due to various factors.

8K Side Only Now Confirmed:

Earlier today, I pulled out my old Norton 4/8K water stone to do a touch up on both my Gold Monkey Triple 6 and my Gold Dollar 208. That's when I noticed that there is NOTHING left of the 4K side to even do a touch up with. Look closely in the photo below. Do you see the yellow dots on the white side in a grid like pattern? That my friends is the bottom of the 8K side of the stone. It's now bleeding through what is left of the 4K side. So for today's touch up, I used the 8K side ONLY to touch up both razors:

This is really NOT a surprise considering that the Norton water stones are softer than most of the other water stones that are available and since I'm honing Gold Dollar and Gold Monkey razors which require a little bit more honing time than the higher end razors such as Boker and Ralf Aust, it's kindly expected to wear down. But what was NOT expected is how fast this stone wore down. I've owned this stone for nearly 7 months which is about 5 months short of what I was told (1 year before buying another one). But no worries, I'm already looking at various natural stones that are out there. Plus I still have the 8K side which is pretty much all that is needed for touch ups.

Touch Up Time:

After my last straight razor shave with my Gold Monkey Jin Hou and this morning's shave with the Gold Dollar 208, it was clear that a touch up was definitely needed. The Gold Monkey triple 6 left quite a few weepers around the corners of my moustache area and the bottom of my chin got it pretty good too. The Gold Monkey just didn't slice through my beard cleanly. The 208 tugged really bad this morning. Especially when I got to the 3rd pass which I normally don't like to do. 2 passes ONLY is where I like to keep it but on occasion if necessary, I'll do 3 passes if more than one area didn't get cleaned up enough. I used the 8K side ONLY and you will see why in yet another blog post. I did 100 round trips followed by my usual 40/40, 20/20,10/10,5/5 seconds and clean up strokes then I did 100 more round trips to give it a little bit more of keener edge:

1st One down in 2016:

Well this one will drive some people crazy, but say hello to the very first soap tin of 2016. The reason people will go crazy is because last year, I hit the bottom of 13 soaps. If you don't believe me then go through my previous blog posts and count them. But this soap did NOT get finished off just yet:

The last little bit got put here in this container instead:

What I plan on doing this year as I finish off a tin or get extremely close to it, is to mash what's left into the container you see above and put its name on the lid so I can remember what I put in it. Clubguy got to where I couldn't load the brush and for sure, I did NOT want to waste it by throwing it out especially when you've got about 4 shaves left. Now I must say that NOT all of the PAA soaps that get finished off this year will go in here because they're too powerful in terms of scent. Stuff like PAA's 9 and their chocolate bourbon scented soap along with the Pumpkin 3.14 will NOT be mixed. Those are the only 3 that pretty much just get finished off basically.


First lets start with my shave of the day post. Today is Friday which means that a Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's product or 2 gets used. Clubguy was up next in the rotation which is a refined version of Clubman's original aftershave only this one lasts much longer, and is a much smoother and cleaner scent. Tomorrow's shave will be dedicated to Mrs. Maria Arman the owner of Through The Fire Fine Craft soaps. She lost her grandfather this morning to cancer. So my shave will be a tribute to her tomorrow:

Today's shave was pretty good but it was a bit on the tuggy side and 4 passes was needed to get cleaned up. So I pulled out the stone and did what was needed which will be another blog post.

Time for a New Brush:

Well after nearly 2 years of abuse, I'm pretty sure that it's safe to say that I need a new brush. The knot itself has held together very well and has not lost but maybe one or 2 hairs but the handle is all but gone. The ONLY reason this brush is still together is because I hot glued it back together. That and it's a soap hog to boot. It's also one of the reasons I go through a lot of soap:

In terms of what I'm looking for, I'm looking various types of knots. Crown King, Envy Shave, Zen Shave, El Matador, Savile Row, and quite a few others. This one of the products that I never really got into for some reason. Brush acquisition disorder (B.A.D.) never took with me thank goodness. They can be a "budget killer" if you are not careful.

Extinguish & Aqua Velva:

Today is "TTFFC Thursday" and the raspberry gelato scented soap Extinguish was up next in the rotation and I decided to pair it with Aqua Velva's ice blue aftershave. I was NOT planning on shaving today until I got up this morning and looked into the mirror. I got too close for comfort yesterday using a straight razor and had epic razor burn and irritation which finally cleared up yesterday evening. So for this morning's shave I went with my DE 89 and a Perma-Sharp blade. It was a fast and clean shave that's more than presentable and socially acceptable:

The DE 89 is mild in terms of blade exposure. But it does have some really nice weight to it and the smooth head offers a lot of glide so shaving with it has been and will continue to be an enjoyable experience. I'm really looking forward to trying the Alumigoose razor when it's released.

The Kraken & Clubman:

Today is Wednesday which means that Mickey Lee Soapworks get used and The Kraken is the only MLS soap that I have at the moment which needs to be corrected. First I started off with a hot shower using Through The Fire Fine Craft's wisp scented bath bar which is one of her barbershop scented soaps and man it was epic. Speaking of TTFFC, the scent on MLS's the kraken is the same as Maggard Razor's London Barbershop which is also made by Maria Arman. MLS's is just shade smoother in scent. Clubman's original formula goes perfectly with both soaps apart from the matching aftershaves of course:

In terms of post shave, I got another "ice rink" type of shave but I did get a couple of little weepers in my neck area along with my moustache area. I got so close today that there may NOT be a shave tomorrow and if there is, it will be with my Edwin Jagger DE89 and only 1 pass at the most. This was my HUMP DAY shave like my friend Steve Walker says in his videos that he uploads on Wednesdays. You guys that read my blog should check them out, he's a pretty cool and very entertaining guy. Here's the link to his YouTube channel:

The Captain & Aqua Velva:

Today is "Tiki Bar Tuesday" and the cherry pipe tobacco scented soap called "The Captain" was up next in the rotation. I decided to pair it with Aqua Velva classic ice blue today because my shave had a bit of razor burn to it which this aftershave helps with. Other than that it was a true BBS shave. I sometimes forget at how sharp my 208 is compared to my Gold Monkey razor:

This one is getting close to the bottom but not quite. I would roughly around 2 more shaves with this soap and I'll be hitting the bottom of this soap container.


Today is "Take Charge Monday" and that means Soap Commander's products get used. Today's scent was a limited edition soap that's no longer available called "Refreshment" which is a sweet tea with lemon scented soap. Today's shave was also another "ice rink" type of shave which I didn't get yesterday. I may have been a little harsh towards the vintage Schick Injector razors, so I will be checking them out at a later time:

Right now I'm still on the waiting list for the aluminum version of the mongoose razor which will be available the first of march. Between that, getting some Arkansas oil stones and looking at both vintage Schick Injector razors and brushes, 2016 has been dubbed, year of the hardware. Or at least it has been for me. I'm long past due on brushes.

Replica Injector = Waste:

I feel like I wasted my money with this injector razor. Between the Schick branded injector blades being too inconsistent, and the Personna branded injector blades needing to be stropped because they're not sharp enough, I have decided to quit using this replica injector razor. I've also ruled out the Vintages as well. If you can't get sharp enough blades that are consistent then you are basically wasting your time in my humble opinion. My Edwin Jagger DE 89 is considered a Mild DE safety razor and it does a much better job at removing my beard with one pass than this replica can do in 3 passes. I guess I had my expectations set too high for this razor:

Someone might suggest that I try another blade. My answer to that suggestion is NO. Another blade will NOT help in this situation at all. This razor is simply too mild for my beard. An adjustable version wouldn't help either because neither of the blades you see above work for me. So I'll be using my DE 89 until my Mongoose Razor arrives in March of 2016. Other than that, I'm pretty much a straight razor guy when I'm not in a hurry and need to get out the door A.S.A.P. So do NOT be surprised to see a straight razor in my shave of the day posts on a daily basis.


Today is "Soap Commander Sunday" and their sandalwood scented soap was up next in the rotation. Soap Commander's products are top notch and always work. Unfortunately today's shave didn't go well at all with the injector which is now out of the equation. There will be another blog post detailing why I will no longer be using the replica Schick injector razor and that does include the vintage versions as well. So I will no longer be looking at buying blades for it. The Mongoose Razor has won before it even entered the arena:

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...