Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave and their fabulous "Ike" scented soap which was made by Jennifer Mason Marting formerly known as Masons Boutique which is extremely close to Skin Bracer in the scent department. The RazoRock Plissoft was a welcomed sight and built an excellent lather. Speaking of Skin Bracer aftershave splash, that is what I finished off tonight's shave with and you know you got a great shave when your aftershave does not burn:

As I mentioned earlier, my aftershave did not burn at all and normally I do get a bit of a bite from the alcohol contained in it. So the ILR edge I put on this razor was exceptional. I had the glide of a cartridge yet again so using the Cremo Cooling shave cream as a preshave turned out to be a wise decision. Plus I was also slick as black ice after 3passes. Other than taking the time to apply the Cremo shave cream as a preshave and face lathering, my shave would only take about 5 minutes. Probably not even that. I think I will try using some glycerine next as a preshave.

#2 of 2018:

No you are not dreaming and yes, I did it again. I now have to change my shave of the day because I was planning on using this today but I didn't have enough left to amount to anything so I scraped out the thumbnail sized amount that I had left which is not enough for any of my brushes or even bloom for that matter and for sure it wasn't enough for me to get a comfortable shave either:

I'm also dangerously low on the aftershave as well. But that's okay because I have 3 different mail calls coming in which does include Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements.

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's "Fortitude" shaving soap. The scent of an aged hay, aged tobacco and dark rum was excellent and extremely satisfying today. And to finish off today's shave, I went with a huge healthy dose of Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum which my barbershop still uses to this very day. It adds a touch of sweetness to the already rich post shave smell and feel:

The 430 was great but I did have to hit the fire hose strop and my leather strop during the shave. I also had to add more soap because I didn't quite load up enough of it and once I did, the 430 glided across my face with no issues at all. Chalk up another 3 pass slick as black ice shave with no cuts, weepers and the best part, no burn from the aftershave splash.

Influence & The 207:

Today's shave felt great and was nothing short of phenomenal. Today I was craving a tobacco scented soap but I was wanting something unique. So I grabbed Soap Commander and their fabulous Influence scented soap which has a deep rich scent of moist pipe tobacco, cherry and a full bodied black tea. Then I went with the matching aftershave which adds a touch of menthol to the already incredible post shave feel:

I wasn't too comfortable with the ILR so yesterday I decided to perform Dr. Matt's under running water honing technique with my Naniwa Snow White 8K Junpaku and my Belgium Coticule. I'm glad that I did because I was able to perform the old "Gillette Slide" with my Gold Dollar 207 and my shave felt like a butter knife and I was slick as black ice after just 3 passes. I guarantee you that my 430 will feel the exact same way when I use it next because I went ahead and did the same thing on it yesterday as well. So once I get some more razors next pay day, I will do another YouTube video using Dr. Matt's under running water technique with these 2 stones. I've also decided to stick with this honing technique from here on out now that I've found my "go to" stone combination.

Kiss My Face & The 430:

Today's shave was pretty good but not great. This Kiss My Face shave cream was okay but it can use some improvements. The first thing is the cushioning ability isn't too hot but it is extremely slick which helps a lot. The scent is extremely good which reminds me of Wrigley's Spearmint gum. I think I would have done better if I had gotten the lavender scented cream instead. This cream is extremely thirsty. If I can give people an idea of how thirsty it truly is, it's even more thirsty than Barrister & Mann's soaps which puts it off the page. I had use more product about half way through the shave which I don't like to do. I will pick C.O. Bigelow/Proraso green shave cream over this stuff. After my shave I finished it off with Aqua Velva Ice Blue splash which seems to pair well with this cream. It's an alright cream but I won't be getting again so once it's gone, it's gone:

The 430 started off okay but got worse during the shave especially in the comfort department. So I went ahead and touched up both razors using my new Naniwa snow white 8K followed by Dr. Matt's under running water technique using the ILR and I stropped both razors on my 3 inch Mustang horse hide strop for 10 round trips on both razors afterward so they are definitely good to go. If they are too sharp then I will use the under running water technique on my Coticule which not only fixes an edge but really smooths it out and makes it at least 10 times more comfortable. I'm thinking that the ILR was too sharp due to the fact that I was using a Norton 8K before going to the ILR instead of the Naniwa Snow White 8K which is far superior over the Norton. So my next shave will be extremely interesting because I still love the Coticule edges over Jnats and my ILR but what stone you use before going to a finisher is just as important if not more.

Kiss My Face Mint Shave Cream:

On the way home from my trip to UVA which went extremely well, we stopped at this grocery store called Martin's and inside I found Kiss My Face shave cream on the shelves which is a good thing. West Coast Shaving Supplies use to carry it years and years ago and I did see a friend of mind, Guy Solice use it in a video and the performance was off the page. So I grabbed a bottle of it. The scent reminds me of Wrigley's Spearmint gum. This was actually cheaper than Proraso at $6.50 for an 11 ounce bottle which puts the cost at $1.70 per ounce :

I'm really looking forward to trying this cream out tomorrow. My trips to UVA have ended. Today I officially got released from their care for the first time since 2010 when I was referred and sent up there. So I no longer have to go back to get routine check ups. That was a really nice surprise I got this morning. I thought for sure that I would get another appointment back up there next year which has been happening for a while now. The doctor showed us the Xrays from this morning compared to last year's and the fact that it has now gone way past the 5 year mark, they felt that I really didn't need to come back and I felt the same way. Even that we're glad to see them and they're glad to see us, it made sense to release me from their care. They did tell me that I can call them at will and book an appointment anytime I found something unusual.

C.O. Bigelow & The Doc:

Today's shave felt really good. Today I went with C.O. Bigelow shave cream which was made for them by Proraso and it's basically Proraso green which has a great menthol and eucalyptus scent to it. And to finish off today's shave, I went with a healthy dose of Osage Rub which puts the refreshment level off the page:

The Doc was great. I was exactly where I wanted to be after 3 passes. This is also the last shave on this blade so when I get back I will switch it out for a fresh one.

I Finished Another One:

It's been a while since I've done one these types of blog posts but I figured why not. Earlier today I managed to finish off another soap. This time it was a Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements High Jump 47. The Omega 10049 Professional boar brush makes a great lather but it is a soap hog. Basically what that means is that this specific brush uses more soap upon loading than your other brushes do including synthetics:

Badger brushes don't use any where near what most of your boar brushes do but they do hold twice as much water as the boar brushes do. I also tend to favor the scratch that boar brushes provide over both badger and synthetics. My beard starts to itch very badly after 2 days worth of growth and by the 3rd day, I'm eye balling my razors pretty hard. And with the way my beard grows along with the speed, there's no way I can use a cartridge. My skin can't handle daily shaving any more and after 2 days worth of beard growth, a cartridge just simply won't work on my beard. The best part about finishing off these soaps is that it gives me an excuse to buy more stuff.

High Jump 47 & The 207:

Today's shave was perfect in every way possible. Today I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements and their classic High Jump 47 scented soap which was stupid slick once I applied it to my face after using Cremo's cooling shave cream as a preshave. The Omega 10049 Professional Boar had no issues whipping up an exceptional lather and it's also hard to believe that it will be nearly 5 years old come February 2019. Not bad for a $10 dollar brush huh? The scent on the soap is a fresh citrus cologne with notes of musk and fresh talcum powder and it pairs extremely well with Pinaud's Clubman regular aftershave splash which is what I finished today's shave off with:

The 207 was perfect. Something in my gut told me that I should take a closer look at the edge and it's a very good thing that I did. So I grabbed my Shoubandini Aswedo Jnat and I put one if not the best edges I have ever put on a razor. I was squeaky clean after just 3 passes and the edge felt like a butter knife. I believe I have perfected my honing technique now. To give you an idea of how good this shave was and how smooth and comfortable the post shave was, I did NOT get any burn from the Clubman aftershave I used and it's loaded with alcohol.

Ike & The 430:

Today's shave felt great. I was craving a Skin Bracer scented shave so I grabbed Strike Gold Shave's "Ike" which is extremely close to Skin Bracer in terms of the scent. Speaking of Skin Bracer, that's what I finished off today's shave with which is perfect for a hot summer day:

The 430 was perfect yet again. I'm really enjoying the Coticule edges and then some. Feels like you are shaving with a butter knife but your beard disappears like a sniper does in the bush. That's awesome for those who have tough beards but extremely sensitive skin. My buddy Frank Misa got me hooked on the Coticule edges which is not a bad thing at all. I will probably do a series of videos detailing my progression and thoughts on each of the Suehiro stones here shortly.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...