Proraso Green & The Shield:

Man oh man that shave was excellent. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with a modern day classic, Proraso Green which has an incredible "Menthol & Eucalyptus" scent to it. Combined with Cremo Cooling shave cream as a pre shave, the menthol chill was excellent. And to put the finish touch on my shave, I finished it off with another blast of menthol in the form of Osage Rub which makes the post shave feel even better:

The Gillette Shield was perfect. I was squeaky clean in just 2 passes which was my goal. A close, smooth & clean shave with minimal passes that's extremely comfortable. I also had to make a decision tonight that I didn't want to. From now on my shave of the day blog posts will be in the Google Plus communities only. The reason being is because of the liberals/snowflakes. They have NO honor, courage and get "offended" at everything. So you can blame them for this decision. They've already reported several friends of mine in the Face Book groups for spam over the littlest thing that was nothing. And since I blog, I'm more than likely going to be next. So from now on, all they get is a photo. Twitter might be a different story.

Retiring The Track 2:

This will be breaking a lot of people's hearts, but I'm retiring my 1970 Gillette Track 2 to my collection and will no longer be using it. I also will NOT be buying or ordering any more razors either. I like my Gillette Proshield & Proglide and my Schick Quattro razors. They give me a much better post shave feel in less passes & are much more comfortable to use with a traditional shave soap and/or shave creams & a brush than the Track 2 was. When you find the one razor or razors, you tend to stick with them and don't want to try anything else:

I've also tossed my Gillette Mach 3 & Mach 3 turbo into the recycling bin. They got to wear they wasn't cutting and was tugging and pulling something fierce even after taking them to my fire hose strop which is really a hone and not a strop. I'm pretty much done with obtaining razors period. There might be 1 or 2 seasonal soaps that I might get later on but it's doubtful. I'm happy with what I have. I might get a new synthetic boar brush. I'm pretty much sticking with synthetic brushes too which is why you keep seeing my RazoRock 24 mm Plissoft. Unlike my other brushes, my only synthetic doesn't need breaking in, doesn't absorb my lather & doesn't need a lot of soap to make a really nice lather either. Even though I soak my synthetic brush, it doesn't require soaking either.

Honor & The Fusion:

Man oh man today's shave was blissful! Good old Soap Commander has delivered yet another top shelf performance and their "Honor" scent was phenomenal. It's their version of a "Barbershop scent" which is some where between Phoenix Shaving's C.a.D. & Fine's American Blend scents. And to finish off today's shave, I went with the matching aftershave balm which adds a touch of menthol and puts the already epic post shave feel over the top:

The Gillette Fusion was perfect. I was squeaky clean just after 2 full passes & some touch ups. Getting a good if not epic shave is no longer an effort for me at this point. Between switching to cartridges which eliminates getting cut by 90% and shaving less than I was, I've just about have eliminated the need for a styptic pencil & alum block.

My New Retropie Controller:

In addition to a new retropie case, I also got a new turbo controller from Amazon. Sadly it did NOT work on the Xbox 360 but I will try again because it is working great on the Retropie now that I've got a Final Fight game going and have mapped out the controller. I also managed to get the turbo button to work as well. I'll just keep it with my retropie gaming system for now:

Basically it's looking like my Xbox 360 is strictly "Xbox 360 products ONLY" at this point. This is kindly why I got into the retro gaming world with the retropie system. As long as it's equipped with and operates off of a USB cable, I can use it on my retropie.

My New Anemometer:

As someone whom has hunted and has studied sniping, one of the things that I've always struggled with was "wind estimation". The clock system that the military uses does work to an extent. It does NOT tell you how fast the wind is going. The ONLY thing the clock system is good for is direction. In my humble opinion, the wind speed doesn't really change with in 1 mile. BUT the direction does because I've personally seen it. But the speed pretty much remains the same up to a point. After that, all bets are off. This tool takes roughly about 80% of the "guess work" out of it as long as the battery is good. Speaking of battery, this device takes a 9 volt battery so keep and extra one in your sniper calculation kit as I like to call it:

This meter also tells the temperature in both Celsius & Fahrenheit scale and it measures the wind in miles per hour, knots and feet per minute. The only thing this meter doesn't measure is barometric pressure which I kindly wanted. But that's okay because there's other meters out there that also come equipped with ballistics calculator built in. But this will do for now. The bullet when it first exits the muzzle of a rifle really won't be effected by the wind mainly because it still has its maximum velocity at that moment. But when you get around mid range and towards the target when the bullet has slowed down is where you will notice how the wind effects the bullet. That's where using the clock system when reading mirage that occurs in all condition comes in handy along with watching bullet trace and a few other things.

Retropie Case:

As everyone knows, I tried the Nintendo retropie case and it did look great but that was where the positives ended. So I ordered this one and it's awesome. Here's the link to this case: . It fits like a glove and comes with mini screwdriver which makes installing it a snap. It was less than $7 U.S. dollars and is built like a tank:

Like I said, it fits like custom made glove:

I put it together to see how well it fits and to check on something and the info was correct:

You have to take it back apart to gain access to the micro SD card which was no problem:

Micro SD card was reformatted & re flashed and now everything is ready to go:

I couldn't be happier with this retropie case. It's rock solid and performs great and was stupid easy to installed. I should have gotten this one instead the Kintaro NES case.

Mail Call! Wind Meter, Retro Pi case & Controller:

I love it when I get some goodies in the mail. I had forgotten about this mail call from Amazon until it arrived today. I ordered a new anemometer which tells the wind speed and temperature it doesn't tell the barometric pressure though. I also got me another retropie case which came with a mini screwdriver and it installed very easily too. I also got a brand new turbo controller. Unfortunately it does NOT work with my Xbox 360 which is fine because it does work with the retropie:

Here's the way it came packed. It took a while before it got here due to some kind delay:

The wind meter is long range precision rifle shooting. I'm pleased with this mail call but disappointed a little bit with the controller not working with my Xbox 360.

Mildot Master:

My analog ballistics calculator has arrived and it's awesome. This is called a Mildot Master and requires no batteries to operate. It can help calculate a range up to 2000 yards or meters along with angle of fire calculations and it also calculates bullet drop & converts from either mildots or minutes of angle reticles in scopes so there's definitely no wasted real estate on this tool:

It's like an old school slide rule for calculating a firing solution for a sniper. The first thing I noticed is that it's laser etched laminated plastic which means it will last. I've got an old laminated trucker's atlas here that's made from the same materials and I've really abused it over the years including dropping it in the mud and it's still usable and readable to this day 14 years later after I bought it. So I personally know that this beast will last:

I've attached my string and weight to it for calculating the angle which only requires gravity to use. Here's how you use this feature. Let's say your target is 1000 yards or meters away and you are shooting at a 20 degree angle. If you dialed your rifle in at the exact distance you will miss:

So what you do is line the target range at 1000 yards or meters and look at the numbers on the right and just below the target range and you will see what you need to dial your rifle in on the left at the appropriate angle. So if you look at the 20 degree hash mark below the target range and look to the left you will see that you will need to dial your rifle in at 950 yards or meters instead. Pretty slick isn't it? This slide rule does the math for you when you need a fast calculation and don't have the time to pull out a calculator and your smart phone ballistics calculator is dead and needs charging:

Your instruction book will have more details on how to use it along with tips & tricks to be more effective so please keep this around. In fact it can't hurt to put it in a Ziploc bag or some kind of water resistant sleeve or book if you need to until you get use to using it:

So please keep the instruction book. Another sweet tool that's found on the right side is the M.O.A. or Minutes Of Angle conversion. So you can covert the mildots into minutes of angle reticles or vise versa so this is probably one of the best if not the best tools you can get in long range precision shooting along with a few others which I plan to get. The only bad thing is that you have to know the size of the target and you can't use small target sizes to calculate either. If you are in a hostile situation and can't use any electronic device this will be helpful in that regard.

PAA's Shampoo Bars:

Man oh man I love these shampoo bars from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. I chose their Cavendish scent which can be seen on the left and it's a true Cavendish pipe tobacco scent. I started using it first and it's simply phenomenal. No more dry itchy scalp and the issues that come with it are also disappearing as well. They generate a ton of lather too. To use you simply rub the bar onto your head a few times and work the lather into your hair and simply rinse:

Right now Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements are the only ones who offer shampoo bars. All in all I'm hooked on these shampoo bars. I will definitely keep buying these. I really can't wait to try the C.a.D. scented puck but it will be a while because I'm really enjoying the Cavendish scented one.

Pumpkin 3.14, Autumn Factory & The Track 2:

Today's shave was awesome & smells very delicious. After a nice, hot & relaxing shower, I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements and their classic fall scent Pumpkin 3.14 which has an incredible hearty pumpkin pie scent. And to finish it off today's shave, I went with their Autumn Factory aftershave splash which is epic. It has more of a sweet pumpkin scent like you would get with a pumpkin custard pie instead of a hearty version. The aftershave also has many different elements to it. To my nose, I think of a fresh baked pumpkin custard pie in late October with the leaves changing color and it's been left near an open window to cool:

The 1970 Gillette Track 2 was nothing short of phenomenal. I got squeaky clean post shave feel in just 3 passes. I got so close today that I could probably get away with not shaving for about a week but if I do that, I would look like grizzly Adams if I did. I also got almost no burn from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's Autumn Factory which is NOT normal. It still burned some due to the alcohol, cinnamon & clove but it wasn't over the top like it use to be.

Proraso Green & The Shield:

Man oh man that shave was excellent. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with a modern day classic, Proraso Green  which has an i...