I'm Good To Go:

Well that takes care of all of the razors I'm planning on using in my rotation. Besides the razors you see below which are my Merkur 38C & Merkur 42C classic closed comb, I will also be using my Edwin Jagger DE 89, Gillette Ball End Tech, Gillette Slim & the Doc razor from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. I have decided NOT to take any chances with my German 37 from RazoRock. My skin is just too sensitive for that razor and it's just best to keep it in cold storage. These razors has also been stropped 2 times on each side of the blade using the smooth leather side on my strop. This takes away the harshness of the 1st shave that you get with just about ANY DE blade and this is the ONLY time that I strop a DE blade. They're much more affordable than my Gillette Fusion & Shield razors are in terms of costs and I can afford to toss these out when they're dull:

The Feather blades are also out. Even though I can strop them to take the harshness away which helps out a lot in terms of comfort, they're still too sharp for my sensitive skin. I'm also considering trying other blades again to see which ones I can use but these Perma-Sharps have clearly won in terms of comfort. And in the Edwin Jagger DE 89 that title goes to the Gillette Platinum Plus blades hands down. It was like there was no blade in the razor and yet my beard disappeared with those blades but that was in my DE 89 only. I didn't get too good of results in the other razors with them like I did in the DE 89. Quite the opposite in fact.

TTFFC Mixed & The Doc:

Today's shave was awesome. If you have not tried Through The Fire Fine Craft by Maria Arman then shame on you. She also makes Maggard Razors brand of soaps as well which are also awesome. This is my mixed soap container which has several scents but the dominating scent is her "Play it again Sam" scent which is a Lime & Ginger ale scent. And to finish off today's shave, I paired it with good old Pinaud's Clubman original which pairs perfectly with this soap:

The doc was great. I did forget to strop it before the 1st use which resulted in a few weepers but other than that I pretty much had a black ice type of post shave feel after 3 passes. Douglas Smythe if you are reading this, you need to keep the original doc razor bro. It's possibly your best razor that you've ever released from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements in my humble opinion. I do know that you have other versions but the original is still the best in my opinion.

Buyer's Remorse: Anemometer:

Well I can officially say that this Tacklite anemometer is junk. The reviews on Amazon were mixed so it was a 50/50 chance that it would either work or it wouldn't and for a brief time it did. The problem is that it's not even close to being accurate. I took it outside & the vanes inside the anemometer were spinning like crazy and yet it was not registering the wind speed at all and it's gusting to every bit of 15+ mph. Another problem is the temperature is not accurate either. In fact it's not even close. Today it read 62 degrees F. and it's much warmer than that easy:

The main reason I bought this anemometer is for long range target shooting & hunting but what good is it when it's not even close to being accurate. To make long range shots of 1200 plus yards or meters, you have to extremely accurate. Being slightly off in your calculations in any way can cause you to significantly miss the target which is bad news if you are hunting because it's usually just 1 shot, 1 kill. Very rare that you get make more than that. So I will be saving up my funds to get a Kestrel which is more accurate & has a much better quality. I don't need one with a balistics calculator because I can download an app that does that for me.

Back To DE Safety Razors!

After today's excellent & comfortable shave, I have decided to return to using DE safety Razors but I will be sticking to certain ones and staying away from stupid aggressive safety razors & blades. My vintage ball end tech was a pure joy to use today. Even though I could have gotten my chin and goatee area better, I stopped myself from doing a full 3rd pass and only did a half pass on my neck area which is almost always a problem area for me no matter what I use:

These are the razors I'll be using in addition to the Tech shown above. I do have many more that are not seen such as my Merkur 38C barberpole & the 42C classic closed comb. Those are also going to be used as well since they are mild enough and won't damage or upset my sensitive skin:

My Gillette Slim gets as close as my Gillette Fusion & Shield razors do and is also a pure joy to use. I also will be using Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's original double open comb razor which is mild & a joy to use and also gets as close as my Gillette Fusion & Shield razors. I'm not sure about using the German 37 slant razor at all. It might be too much for my skin to handle at the moment but there's really only one way to find out. My Edwin Jagger DE 89 that you see in the box above is using the handle off of my Muhle R41 since the original handle took a crap after nearly 4 years of use. It will also be used since I've gotten excellent shaves with it. I will also be sticking with Perma-Sharp DE blades and I might try the Gillette blades that are available. The Muhle R41 & straight razors are out. My hands draw up & shake too much to use straight razors & my sensitive skin can't handle the aggressive nature of the R41 even though it is one gorgeous razor with an excellent fit & finish. My Hawk & GEM SE razors will NOT be used either.

Turkish Bath & The Tech:

Today's shave was at least 10,000 times better than the last one. After a nice & relaxing shower, I went with Jeeves of Hudson Street and their fabulous Turkish Bath scented soap which is a 1920's Barbershop style scent. They have since renamed it "barbershop" and now have a matching aftershave. And to finish off today's shave, I went with Stirling Soaps and their classic barbershop aftershave splash which adds a touch of sweetness to the scent:

The Vintage Gillette Tech was nothing short of phenomenal and I know exactly what I did to get these great results with the 1st shave on these blades. I stropped the razor 2 times on each side on the smooth leather side of my strop to take the harshness of the first shave off of the blade. Think of doing a quick palm stropping with a GEM SE razor blade before the 1st use. I was squeaky clean just after 2.5 passes which is just about where I want it in terms of post shave comfort. Too many passes equals severe irritation & razor burn and my limit is 3 passes or less.

C.a.D. & The Tech:

Today's shave didn't go very well at all & was bloody. I can assure you that it was NOT me, my technique or the soap because I've gotten many good shaves out of them. The problem was the Feather blade & razor choice. More on that in a moment. PAA's C.a.D. is a phenomenal scent and is my favorite from PAA hands down. The matching aftershave burned like there was no tomorrow:

This was after the first pass. Did I mention that it was bloody?

I'll give the Vintage Gillette Tech another chance but with a different blade. The ironic thing is about a year ago, I thought Feather blades was it for me and kept recommending them. Now here I am about to toss them out. I'll just use the plastic cases they come in for disposing blades:

^ I put a Perma-Sharp in the tech and I will try it again in about 3 to 4 days but it's definitely not looking good in terms of me returning to DE safety razors. The Tech also left a lot behind. I'm just glad I didn't use my Muhle R41 which would have been past being ugly.

American Blend & The Shield:

This morning's shave was great. After a nice hot shower, I went with Fine Accoutrements and their modern day classic American Blend. And to finish off today's shave, I went with the matching aftershave splash which had a really good burn this morning:

The Gillette Shield was great. I just switched out the blade for a fresh one before shaving mainly because something just didn't look right with the other blade. I was squeaky clean after just 2 passes. Now I do have a surprise for you guys. I'm going to try DE safety razors for a bit to see what happens. I'm hoping it will work out for me but if it doesn't, please don't be alarmed. My hands just shake too much for me to try straight razors again.

Honor & The Quattro:

This morning's shave was great. Today is Sunday so that means Soap Commander Sunday is in full effect. I went with their "Honor" scent which is their barbershop scent. The scent is some where between Phoenix Shaving's C.a.D. & Fine's American Blend. And I finished it off with the matching aftershave balm which adds a touch of menthol to the post shave feel:

The Schick Quattro did good but it's on thin ice in terms of staying in my rotation. I got a few little weepers on my neck area this morning and this was fresh blade I installed onto the razor. It wasn't very comfortable but I've had worse. So I'm considering tossing it out. My Gillette Fusion has been my most consistent razor in my entire collection.

Renewal, Brut & The Fusion:

Man oh man that shave felt great. After a nice hot shower, I went with my "go to" brand Soap Commander and their classic "Renewal" scented soap. The scent is a stout Floral Fougere' which pairs extremely well with Brut aftershave splash. After that I topped it off with the matching aftershave balm which adds a touch of menthol to the post shave feel:

The Gillette Fusion was perfect. I was squeaky clean after just 2 passes. The surprise is that I have more shaves on the Gillette Fusion blade than I do with my other razors. I've already switched out the blade on my Schick Quattro & my Gillette Shield isn't far from being switched again either. So it seems like my Gillette Fusion lasts a shave or 2 more than the other razors I have.

Pumpkin 3.14, Autumn Factory & The Shield:

Man that was one sweet shave. I wasn't planning on shaving today but my beard started itching, so I grabbed Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements and their fabulous Pumpkin 3.14 scented soap which has a very stout savory pumpkin pie scent. And to finish it off I went their Autumn Factory aftershave which has an epic but good burn to it. The Autumn Factory aftershave has a sweeter pumpkin custard pie scent to it which more than compliments the shave soap:

The Gillette Shield was extremely good. I was squeaky clean in just 2 passes which is always a good thing. That was probably one of my best shaves of all time which says a lot.

I'm Good To Go:

Well that takes care of all of the razors I'm planning on using in my rotation. Besides the razors you see below which are my Merkur 38...