How Water Effects the Shave:

People often blame their water instead of the product itself when they shave which has become problematic. I'll explain why it has become problematic. It causes something called "denial" which basically can be found on 90% of the wet shaving forums out there. They refuse to to acknowledge the fact that the product itself might be the problem rather than the water because each shaving cream or soap has a different formula and will perform differently in either type of water. I learned a lot about the different types of water and how it effects things when I use to be in the hobby distilling and home brew hobbies. Basically I have a medium/soft water here which makes some soaps and creams completely useless for me because they simply won't perform in terms of being able to lather and rinse off cleanly. Even when cooking we've noticed that our water really doesn't have enough backbone to break down things such as vegetable shortening and lard. Some soft soaps and creams do extremely well here, while others that are heavy in tallow and fragrances don't perform too good at all. While water can be a problem yes, but a lot of the soap and cream makers out there usually formulate their stuff to perform in both hard and soft water. So before you belive the hype about a product which is often excessive, do some research about its formula. You'd be surprised at how much better things are when you learn about what type of water that you have and once you learn what works best for the water you have, things get a lot better.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...