My DE Blades Have Arrived:

Today my DE blades arrived in the mail from Amazon's website. I love Amazon and all, but they do take forever in terms of shipping compared to other retailers and suppliers. If I had used one of my usual shaving suppliers, I would've had these DE or double edge blades in 2 to 3 days. Amazon took nearly a week. Tomorrow would've made 7 days if they didn't arrive today. These blades in the Phoenix Double Open Comb DE safety razor, gave me a shave that rivals the post shave quality of the Gillette Fusion shaving system only for a fraction of the costs. My mother bought me a 4 pack of Gillette Fusion Proglide cartridges for $21.98 at a local super market. if you do the math which is real simple to do, the costs are miles apart. So let's do some simple math here and explain why I shave with a DE safety razor. $21.98 divided by 4 cartridges = $5.49 per cartridge and you might get 2 shaves out of them if you are lucky. My bulk blades cost me $22.47 which does include the shipping and I got 100 DE or double edge blades. So $22.47 divided by 100 = .22 cents per blade and I get 3 shaves per blade. So lets break it down even further with rounded up numbers. $5.50 per cartridge and you get 2 shaves out of them. So $5.50 divided by 2 shaves = $2.75 per shave. That is not cheap at all in my book and a 4 pack of those cartridges without doing any stropping will barely last you 2 weeks. Now lets look that the DE blades costs. 23 cents per blade and I get 3 shaves out of each blade. So that's .23 divided by 3 = .08 cents per shave and I can tell you from experience that a 100 pack of DE or double edge blades will last you nearly a year easy and that's shaving daily. So it's a no brainer which one I'm going for first isn't it?

I still have some of the Gillette Silver Blue DE blades left over from last year, but I'm afraid that I will be tossing the final 2 and a half packs that I have left mainly because my beard is just too tough for those paticular DE blades which is a pitty because they were pretty smooth.

Ike & The 207:

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