Why No Shaving Soap Costs?

If you read my last post, you would know that I just ruined Gillette's "propaganda campaign" with the truth which they wouldn't know what it is even if they looked it up and basic math which calculated my costs specifically that was based apon sales receipts and online order records. The canned goo has too many different cost factors to even calculate. Between the internet and the traditional brick and mortar stores along with competition amongst these retailers themselves, you would never get the same results in your calculations even if you set up a computer that's been programmed specifically for this task. This can also be said about the artisan shaving soap as well and there's 2 more factors added to this reason which are custom scents and excessive amounts of scented shave soaps. Ginger's Garden is a prime example of this. She has a seperate web page for scents alone and often does create custom scents. Another reason is that some of the shaving soaps that I have here can see excessive use on a daily basis for months on end which I did when I was first starting out and it looks like I've barely put a dent in them in terms of product consumption. Soap Commander's products come to mind along with the jumbo sized pucks and containers of shaving soap that's available and if you use them in a rotation, they can last for years. That is pretty much why I didn't factor in the shaving soaps and/or creams into my specific costs. Of course each person's budget and income along with shaving habbits also changes this as well which is why the term "your mileage may vary" applies very well.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...