Adding More Soap Commander:

Here recently I decided to do a Soap Commander binge and try out all of their scent profiles in the form of samples. This morning's shave was day 8 of 12 and the scents that I've tried are incredible. I also have a new top choice of both shaving soap and aftershave balm which has yet to be touched in both performance and post shave feel. My new top choice of shave soap will be revealed in another post. But as I've tried new scent profiles and have added them to my shopping cart on Soap Commander's website, I've had to stop because my next order is going to be $174 U.S. Dollars. I should have 7 of the 12 scent profiles that's currently offered on Soap Commander's website.

Proraso Green & The Turbo:

Man that shave was epic, wow. For today's brush, I went with my RazoRock Plissoft 24 mm synthetic  and the lather it builds is awesome ...