Omega 10049 Brush Review:

I have 2 tools that I use 100% of the time in my wet shaving hobby. One is obvious and that's water which I really don't need to discuss that much because all of the soaps that I currently have in my wet shaving arsenal, are extremely easy to lather with the water I have which is a medium going towards the soft end of things. The other tool that I use all of the time on a regular basis is my Omega 10049 Professional Boar hair brush which I've now had for well over a year. I don't know why I didn't do a review of this brush sooner. Knowing what I know now, I would've bought this brush with the first double edge safety razor that I bought back in the first of March in 2014. Before buying this one I had tried both the cheaper and higher end brushes and none of them went past 1 month. I even had one very expensive synthetic that fell apart on me within 3 weeks that costs 4 times what this Omega brush does. Omega's quality is beyond belief and they offer every type of brush you can think of. This one here only cost me $10 U.S. dollars and yet they could very easily charged at least $30 U.S. dollars and gotten away with it that easily. The brush is huge with a pretty tall loft. Its over all height is 128 mm or 5 inches. The knot itself is 27 mm which is pretty stiff and has plenty of back bone and it makes beautiful lathers with it. The actual loft height is 65 mm or 2.5 inches while the handle itself is acrylic and has the company logo embossed into the bottom of the handle and is 63 mm which is just shy of 2.5 inches. It comes in a choice of 3 colors. Black, red or white. I chose the black handle because it goes with just about any color and it was the only one in stock at West Coast Shaving Supplies at that time which I no longer order from due to the fact that they don't carry artisan based products and they stopped carrying the few mainstream products that I did use. So if I could go back in time and tell myself which brush to get when I started wet shaving, then I'd definately would tell myself to get this brush. It's affordable and it's virtually indestructable along with the fact that it makes some killer lathers out of the most stubborn soaps and creams that you'll come across in this hobby. I have yet to receive a bad brsuh from Omega so I belive that I should stick with this brand.

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