Soap Commander Binge:

Well I can now officially say that I have tried every scent of Soap Commander's shave soap that's available and it was great. For 13 days, I used a different scent that Soap Commander has to offer with the exception to this past Mother's Day which I used my mother's favorite soap and aftershave. She likes Catie's Bubble's "Knee High to a Grape" which smells exactly like Canada Dry's Grape Soda that was made for Coca-Cola back in the 1980's and Aqua Velva's ice blue. But in using these samples, I now have a new top choice which is Vision. It's a mentholated peppermint scented soap which has the absolute best post shave feel I've ever known since I've been wet shaving which says a lot. I also got a very pleasant surprise that I was a little worried about. As many people know, my skin can't stand sandalwood scented products. Even those with small amounts of sandalwood, would cause me problems. Well I used one of Soap Commander's scents called "Passion" which has sandalwood in it and I did not have an allergic reaction like I did with other products which is awesome. Other products such as PAA's sandalwood would be almost an instant allergic reaction while other soaps and creams such as Taylor of Old Bond Street's sandalwood and Proraso's red formula would start within 30 minutes after use. Soap Commander's "Passion" didn't do that to me. I also got to try some incredible scents such as "Confidence" which is a sweet honey scented soap that has a little hint of white musk to calm the sweetness of the honey down and "Motivation" which is a very refreshing cucumber scented soap with a bit of bamboo that seems to bring a great balance to the soap. Their "Renewal" is a fougere' type scent which was also incredible. It's not your typical Fougere' scented soap. It's more complete and not overly flowery. Soap Commander's products will always be in my soap collection.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

This brush has just became my all time favorite shave brush  in my entire collection. The lather this beast builds is unreal and since it&#...