A Clean Strop:

Well After making a decision to get rid of the pastes and sprays, I took a look at my strop and decided to give it a really good solid cleaning and it turned out great:

The stainless steel D rings really needed some cleaning very badly:

So I rinsed them off with clean water and put them in barbicide:

I soaked them for 10 minutes:

Once the timer was up I removed and rinsed them with water:

I then dried them by hand with a terry towel and here's how they came out:

The nylon webbing was washed by itself in the washing machine after I disassembled the strop and removed the excess paste that was on there with some leather wipes. Here's how it came out:

The leather tabs and scrub leather got a similar treatment (no washing machine, just hot soapy water) and they turned out great and they really became much softer and they also loosened up a tiny bit:

The smooth leather also came out great and soft doesn't do it justice either. It also loosened up a tiny bit as well and from what I can tell the draw is still excellent:

That's what I love about a premium strop. You can always get replacement leather and webbing if you need to, but so far this one has performed flawlessly and it's lasted quite a while now.

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