The 66 Got The Stones:

After getting one the best shaves of my life this morning, I thought about my last shave with my Gold Dollar 66 straight razor. It was decent but not anywhere near the quality of the shave that I got this morning and I put it on the stone the same time I did the 66. So I went ahead and pulled out the old Norton 4/8 water stone that I have and I performed an epic touch up. After I got done with both sides, I went back to the 4K side of the stone and repeated the same process on both sides again. Tomorrow's shave will tell me how well I did. Under my loupe from what I could see, the edge is very clean and has a really nice mirror finish to it:

I also did 5 round trips on the scrub leather, and 25 round trips on the smooth leather to make sure that the edge isn't harsh.

Honor & The Fusion:

This morning's shave was excellent. Sorry for the delay folks. I've pretty much been gone all day today and didn't get back til...