Sic Powder & Magnifyer:

Today's mail call is from Amazon. While I was waiting for my straight razors to return (They still haven't arrived just yet), I decided to "upgrade" both my stone flattening system and my magnifying device. First the flattening system. What you do is take a single 12 inch by 12 inch granite or marble floor tile and turn it upside down and then you take about a pinch of the powder below and make a paste using some tap water and you've got the best water stone flattening system period. I'll do another blog post showing how it's done and yes this also works on flattening stones:

It got here pretty quick which is sort of unusual for Amazon:

And once again the shipping ruins the party so to speak. The SIC powder was only $9.50 while the shipping was well over $14 U.S. Dollars:

I'm already loving this little monster it's way better than my old magnifying device which uses the light of the room while this one uses an LED light which makes your life a lot easier when honing straight razors:

The price wasn't too bad for my order which was around $18 U.S. Dollars. This is one of those cases I mentioned in several blog posts where the shipping often costs just as much if not more than the order itself does which in my opinion is ridiculous.

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