Merkur 37C Review:

I was having an internal debate about which safety razor to order earlier this week, I made my decision and I decided to purchase the Merkur 37C slant bar razor. I just got it today from and it's awesome. It's the best razor purchase I've ever made. The chrome finish is great. It's not the same caliber as Edwin Jagger's safety razors but considering that they (Edwin Jagger) uses the same chrome plating artist as Rolls Royce, you are NOT going to get any better than that period. They could've cleaned it up and polished it more if they wanted to but it's really not necessary. I think Merkur is after function more than they are for looks which is fine because I got one of the absolute best shaves of life today with it and I used a different blade. It's 2 piece razor which means that you can't switch handles like you can with other 3 piece razors. The main difference is the angle of the head. Rather than chopping the hair off like a normal safety razor does, this razor slices the hair off cleanly with a guillotine type of an angle. This allows the razor to get a much closer and smoother shave with less passes which makes for a better shave. It was beyond smooth. With a normal safety razor, you'd have to make at least 3 passes to get a close comfortable shave and then touch up your trouble spots which often means making another passes which can cause irritation. With this safety razor you don't need to do that because it gets your trouble spots really well. In fact I have yet to see another razor even come close to acheiving what this one did today on my trouble spots and that includes a straight razor. I belive I'm done buying safety razors for myself now. I plan on getting a few family members a safety razor for Christmas this year. You do get one test blade which is a Merkur super stainless steel blade, but I have no intention of using it because it was the blade that came with the razor, and later on I want my family to be able to say that they have the original blade that came with it. Another reason is because the blade itself gets mixed reviews.

This razor seems to work best with this DE or double edged blade:

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