Proraso Blue Formula Review:

Today I got a really nice suprise from this cream:

It's one of the few products that Proraso makes that I had asked about and always ended up with more questions than answers. The first impression you get when you open the tube is the scent. People have sworn up and down that this smells like spiced eggnog and nutmeg when it does not. In fact it doesn't even come close to that scent. It does have a mild liquorish type of a scent which is extremely strong when you first open the tube, but it calms way down once it's worked into a lather:

It has a pretty clean ingredients list:

Now it's a bit on the thirsty side. I did try other pre-shave products and what not, and none of them held up. The only pre-shave product that held up was Proraso's Pre & Post shave creams which I think they done on purpose which is fine because I do like their pre and post shave creams. The performance of the lather was beyond belief. Not only did it have plenty of cushion for protection, it was also extremely slick which is not normal in my opinion for Proraso's soaps and creams. The lather just exploded from my new shaving bowl with a minimum amount of product. This product did leave a small amount of white residue in my bowl and on my razor but it's easily removed with either rubbing alcohol or barbicide. The post shave is what surpised me. Not only did I get that nice fresh and clean post shave that proraso is known for, but it also felt nice and slick. The price point isn't bad at all. I paid $10.00 dollars for it at West Coast Shaving supplies for a 5.2 ounce tube which gives it a price point of $1.92 dollars per ounce which gives it an average prce point. Here's how much product I used to build a lather which is all you need:

That small amount of cream created this amount of lather with roughly about 2 tablespoons of water:

Like I said earlier, the lather pretty much exploded from my new shaving bowl. I also need to mention that you might want to work it for a couple of minutes between passes before reapplying it to make sure that it doesn't dry out. Here's a photo of the white residue that it leaves behind which isn't much:

This white resiue can be removed with a little barbicide or rubbing alcohol.

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