T.O.B.S' Jeymyn Street Review:

Well today I decided to try the TOBS' Jermyn Street Collection today and it's awesome:

So let's start with the Pre-Shave gel. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but about the only amount that you'd need is a roughly about the size of your thumbnail. That will last throught out the entire shave and it's extremely slick and has more than enough cushioning ability for protection through out the entire shave. Now for those that are dedicated Proraso users, this gel will hold up to the thirsty properties of Proraso's creams and soaps but not as good as Proraso's pre-shave does which I think is by design. The scent is a dead ringer for a cologne that used to be made hear in the United States called Boss Elements which I use to love only it doesn't have the woody undertones to it. Now onto the cream. It's very easy to load and is towards the medium/soft cream side. The scent is the exact same as the pre-shave gel is. The cream also had some really good slickness to it. Not quite as slick as the all natural cream is but it's pretty close. The cushioning ability is awesome. I had more than enough protection through out the entire shave. The cream itself is a lather monster:

At first I thought I didn't add enough cream, but then lather just exploded from what little bit I did use. It does slowly disipate between passes but can easily be fixed by re-working the lather a bit between passes which is another thing I noticed. The more you work the lather, the better it gets with this product:

 Here's a photo after today's 4 pass shave:

It has some pretty good staying power, but you do have to work it more often than you would with their all natural shave cream. I will most definately be buying more of this cream very often.

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