T.O.B.S' Sensitive Skin Shave Cream Review:

If you read my earlier post, then you would know that I ordered this item along with an Arko shave stick which I just reviewed. The first impression of this product is that it's a cross between a shave soap and shave cream which is called a "croap" in the wet shaving world. This item had no scent to it at all. Normally you'd get a whiff of a fresh made cream scent or at least a fresh scent to it, but this is not the case here. The next thing I noticed is that it's a very stiff product. I can stand my shaving brush up in the container and it won't fall over. Another thing that I noticed was the ingredient list. It has Benzyl Alcohol as one of the active ingredients which is weird because most people like myself whom have sensitive skin avoid products that have any alcohol because it usually causes severe irritation. This product was extremely difficult to lather up and during the shave the lather seems to disipate. This can be fixed though by adding an extremely small amound of water and re-working the lather with your brush between passes. The slickness was ok. It's not as good as their other products are such as their All Natural shave cream is. The cushioning ability is pretty good but once again, it's not as good as some of their other products in terms of performance. The price point is a little bit higher than average but with Taylor of Old Bond Street's products, you get a lot of use out them with the exception to this Sensitive Skin shave cream. I paid $16.00 Dollars for a 5.3 ounce container which makes the cost $3.02 dollars per ounce. I won't be ordering Taylor of Old Bond Street's Sensitive Skin shave cream ever again because the price point is to high for a cream that has very poor performance which is not normal for Taylor of Old Bond Street. They usually have a pretty high standard and they also get rave reviews for 90% of their products. So far my personal favorite is their All Natural shave cream. This cream doesn't even come close to it in terms of performance.

Ike & The Doc:

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