Replica Injector = Waste:

I feel like I wasted my money with this injector razor. Between the Schick branded injector blades being too inconsistent, and the Personna branded injector blades needing to be stropped because they're not sharp enough, I have decided to quit using this replica injector razor. I've also ruled out the Vintages as well. If you can't get sharp enough blades that are consistent then you are basically wasting your time in my humble opinion. My Edwin Jagger DE 89 is considered a Mild DE safety razor and it does a much better job at removing my beard with one pass than this replica can do in 3 passes. I guess I had my expectations set too high for this razor:

Someone might suggest that I try another blade. My answer to that suggestion is NO. Another blade will NOT help in this situation at all. This razor is simply too mild for my beard. An adjustable version wouldn't help either because neither of the blades you see above work for me. So I'll be using my DE 89 until my Mongoose Razor arrives in March of 2016. Other than that, I'm pretty much a straight razor guy when I'm not in a hurry and need to get out the door A.S.A.P. So do NOT be surprised to see a straight razor in my shave of the day posts on a daily basis.

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