Extinguish & Aqua Velva:

Today is "TTFFC Thursday" and the raspberry gelato scented soap Extinguish was up next in the rotation and I decided to pair it with Aqua Velva's ice blue aftershave. I was NOT planning on shaving today until I got up this morning and looked into the mirror. I got too close for comfort yesterday using a straight razor and had epic razor burn and irritation which finally cleared up yesterday evening. So for this morning's shave I went with my DE 89 and a Perma-Sharp blade. It was a fast and clean shave that's more than presentable and socially acceptable:

The DE 89 is mild in terms of blade exposure. But it does have some really nice weight to it and the smooth head offers a lot of glide so shaving with it has been and will continue to be an enjoyable experience. I'm really looking forward to trying the Alumigoose razor when it's released.

Honor & The Fusion:

This morning's shave was excellent. Sorry for the delay folks. I've pretty much been gone all day today and didn't get back til...