Schick Injector Blades Are Out:

I normally do NOT do negative reviews like this, but I feel that I have no choice in this matter. As most of you know, I recently bought a replica of the Schick Injector LV1 razor. The razor itself is NOT bad, but the Schick injector blades are past horrible. Out of a pack of 7 blades, ONLY 2 blades out of the entire pack were somewhat usable. One was too sharp and caused me some severe razor burn, while the other wasn't quite sharp enough and tugged and pulled to the point where it made my eyes water. That was just the first pack that I bought. So while I was out at a local supermarket, I bought another pack thinking that maybe I just got a bad pack of blades which is why I love straight razors and honing straight razors because I don't have to rely on someone else. And wouldn't you know right after opening this new pack, the very 1st blade out of it was basically a repeat of the other pack, which was a dud. That was one of the many reasons why I went to straight razors and learning how to hone my own straight razors. So if you want either a reproduction or vintage injector razor, avoid the Schick branded blades. Amazon carries 2 other brands of blades, Personna and Kai:

I don't know if Personna will be sharp enough for my barbed wire type of beard but the other brand Kai might be if they're sharp as the Feather blades are.

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