TTFFC's "Steel" :

Today is Thursday which means that a TTFFC product gets used and up next in the rotation is Steel which has a very nice green apple, gingerbread, and vetiver scent. Fine's Clean or Fresh Vetiver will pair extremely well with this soap and so does Clubman original aftershave. I do plan on getting the matching aftershaves to her soaps. This morning's shave had to be quick so I grabbed my DE 89 and went ahead with the last shave on the blade:

The post shave I have now is great and super comfortable. It's still not as close as I would like it to be. So a new DE safety razor is definitely in the works. I'll be doing a "Franken Razor" which basically a customised DE safety razor which remain top secret. It'll be a surprise that much is certain. 2016 has been dubbed year of the hardware for me in terms of honing stones and razors.

Mountain Man & The German 37:

Today's shave was fantastic. After a nice hot shower, I went with Stirling Soaps  and their "Mountain Man"  scented soap whic...