24 hours Later and it's Good:

Well for those who actually take the time to read my blog (thank you to those that do, it's greatly appreciated), I got a really bad shave this past Saturday with a soap that normally has solid performance and a great smell. I didn't get any of that this past Saturday. So after I spoke to the artisan who made this soap Amanda Stott, I left it out for 24 hours to dry out and it aparently helped. Saturday when I open the container I got somewhat of a rancid smell, now I get and apple and cinnamon and maple butter scent instead of the rancid type of scent I got saturday:

One of the problems was that my lather was also dissipating very rapidly so I went with a heavy load. This will make some people a little nervous in a funny way:

It lathered way better than it did Saturday because I didn't even get 1/3 of what you see below:

So after I built a lather, I let it stand for exactly 5 minutes:

It dissipated quite a bit but there was still some left to make a pass with:

So thankfully I will NOT be tossing this soap out which is a good thing. I do plan on going vegan with Tiki Bar soaps which now have a new formula. They're similar to their tallow based soaps only without the tallow so they'll be a more soild puck. No more of having to put them in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours which is a good thing. So if you have a soap that was performing and has quit and the scent has turned somewhat rancid, leave the soap out with the lid off for 24 hours and it should help. I'm so glad I don't have to throw this out.

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