Razor Renew:

Earlier today I mentioned in my shave of the day post a company called Razor Renew and they make small leather strops specifically for cartridge based razors. Here's the link: http://razorrenew.com/ . To me this is an awesome and necessary product because I use straight razors on a regular basis. If I have a lot to do or get a little too busy and have to be some where in a hurry, I will grab either a DE safety razor or my injector. So after watching a few of their videos, I tried their technique with my injector razor on my own strop this morning and it made a huge difference with that Persona injector blade. So I will be looking at getting one of those strops and doing a full review on it. It's pretty simple you just simply just do 4 trips in the opposite direction that you shave in on the scrub leather :

Then you turn the razor around and do 4 more trips in the opposite direction that you shave in:

You do 8 trips on the smooth leather and simply repeat the process listed above. Me buying a strop is nothing new because I straight razor shave. But to see one come out for cartridges is pretty cool. They do NOT do it before every shave though. According to them, they say and I quote: "Only when the razor pulls is when you strop." The problem I have with that statement is that the cartridge razors always pulled even with a proper soap and brush. They make my eyes water after 3 shaves with a proper soap and brush. But I also think that this strop they make would be great for DE safety razors and single edges as well.

Ike & The Doc:

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