Mail Call Coming:

It's been a while since I placed an order so I thought I would order a couple of soaps before crashing for the night. I will let you guys know what I ordered when it arrives pretty soon. Just not right now because I want it to be a surprise:

Sometime at the end of the month going into March, the aluminum version of the mongoose razor will be available. However if it's released sooner than an expected, I will be buying one from Maggard Razors when I get the funds available. It will cost me $29 dollars more from them versus the factory's prices which is fine. And for you new guys, here's a word of advice. It pays to have more than one supplier for your shaving needs. What one has might not be available at another and I have often used 2 or more suppliers to get matching products.

Mountain Man & The German 37:

Today's shave was fantastic. After a nice hot shower, I went with Stirling Soaps  and their "Mountain Man"  scented soap whic...