1K Lather Review:

This particular soap rocks and continues to impress me each and every time I use it. The scent is very pleasing and it's also a very balanced and well rounded scent. The 2 top notes that you will get is Licorice and Anise and they go very well together in this soap. Anise is a pretty common spice that can be found in a lot of Asian style cooking and cuisine and it brings a lot of flavor and brings out the scent in vegetables when cooking. I know this because I use to do a lot of Asian style cooking. This spice can be found at various local markets around the globe. This soap has a much better scent than Proraso's blue formula does. Proraso blue was over powering and like it was missing something to me. This 1K soap is not missing anything. And unlike Proraso blue this soap does NOT dry your skin out either. The post shave was very good. It's a slightly slick post shave and the skin feels like it's still wet after shaving with this soap. The cushioning ability is also really good. I had more than enough protection through out the entire shave. And in terms of lathering and performance, see for yourself:

I have a habbit of over loading the brush, but I would rather over load it than not have enough to shave with. Soap is cheap especially when you have as much as I do which is over 30 different soaps now. Once you get that many and start using them in a rotation of some kind, it's rare to see a finished tub of soap. I've got some that are well over a year old now that seen a lot of heavy use for weeks on end and it looks like I've not even touched some of them:

After I built the lather, I let sit for exactly 10 minutes to test its staying power and it didn't disappoint me at all. In fact it performed better than I thought it would:

It also rinsed cleanly from my shave gear as well:

All in all I would give this soap 5 out of 5 stars.

Ike & The 207:

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