Giving My Dad Soap Samples:

Well now that I have tried every scent that Soap Commander has to offer, I pretty much know what I want now and I do plan on getting some more of their full size pucks once I get my honing set up going which I'm currently working on as we speak. I had a very cool conversation with a gentleman earlier that was very informative and straight to the point without any B.S. So now I have decided to give these soap and aftershave balm samples to my dad and see which one he likes. That way I can get him a full size puck of what he likes later on. I've already gave him a shaving brush and I already gave him a TTO or "Twist to Open" mild DE safety razor and some Perma-Sharp blades for father's day. Here's the samples he's getting:

This is every scent that Soap Commander currently has or has had this past year. I already have 4 of their full size pucks of their scents including the one that's suppose to arrive today. I'll be ordering 3 more scents which will make 7 total. As far as straight razors go, my dad can't use them. His hands shake too much due to his bad health and this could be deadly because my dad is a free bleeder. The current seasonal scent is "gusto" which makes me thirsty every time I use it which should be here today. It's a raspberry pink lemonade scent and it's incredible. Another one of the samples is "Renewal" which is a floral type of Fougere' scent. It's no longer available because it was a seasonal scent for spring. Those 2 scents are included in here as well and I have a feeling that "Gusto" will be getting ordered again. My dad will love the lather and post shave feel of Soap Commander and due to the fact that it's a "Vegan Based" soap, it will lather in ANY type of water. These soaps will last as well because they're a very hard puck and what I have here has seen very heavy use and it looks like I've barely put a dent in them in terms of product consumption.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...