Going to Smaller PAA Tins:

Here recently, I joined HTGAM's Google+ community and I won a free soap from PAA for being member 1K which was cool and totally unexpected, but a pleasant surprise. The soap performs great and I love it, but I really love the packaging this soap came in. Some people was a little shocked over there about my decision to go with these fabulous smaller 3.5 ounce tins with screw top lids. There's several good reasons behind my decision and some can't of them can't be helped in any way. Here's the tin of soap that I got that I absolutely love. It's called 1K and it has a fabulous scent of Licorice and Anise scent:

The first reason I decided to go with these smaller tins is because they're much easier to open. While I love the size of the larger 8 ounce 5 inch tins, they are really hard to open and they tend to dent real easy which does NOT help matters at all. In fact it makes them even harder to open than what it was originally. Another problem with the larger tins that these smaller ones do not have is storage space. The larger tins take up double the space than one of these smaller ones do and I don't have a lot of space for soaps, but I am working on a solution to that problem. The other problem dovetails off the first reason and is one that can't be helped. I have a bit of a permanent nerve problem and my grip isn't as good as it used to be and neither is the strength in my hands so these screw tops are much easier for me. My mother also has a similar problem and can't grip things too good either and she doesn't have a lot of strength and really can't pick things up. In fact she tends to drop things from time to time because of it. Another reason that made decision for me was, costs. At only $10.95 for the smaller tins, this means 2 small tins can be bought to only 1 large tin. They'll make a little bit more money as well considering that 2 smaller tins costs $21.90 as compared to the $18.95 per large tin. So in the end after everything has been ordered, shipped, and unpacked, I'll only be 1 ounce short of the larger tins if I ordered 2 of the smaller tins of the same soap. The last problem comes with time. Unlike the larger tins, the smaller tins don't dish as bad with use. My larger tins started to dish in the center really bad after 3 uses. I've already got a few that I need to put in different containers just to be able to load up the soap onto my brush to build a lather. So hopefully these smaller tins will help in that matter. The last thing that also made more sense, was travel issues. I personally seen this once first hand. I watched an airport security employee throw out an entire full size bottle of shampoo while he told my friend that he had no choice because of federal regulations put in place for security reasons and only travel size containers were allowed by the airlines. So to see an entire 8 ounce 5 inch puck of your favorite PAA soap to go into the trash would be tragic to say the least. Only checked baggage which is really expensive. When I took my uncle to the airport about 2 years ago now, they were charging $100 dollars per bag for checked baggage which is not happening. Plus when used in a rotation, a smaller tin will last a good bit especially if you have as much soap as I do. I think I have around 30 different soaps at the moment and I have one that should be either today or tomorrow if it got delayed.

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