Tiki Bar's The Captain:

Today's shave was extremely good, but really fast. Tiki Bar is one of my top soap brands of all time and they often share the spotlight with Soap Commander's products about 95% of the time. So since I have a limited amount of time today, I'm using my blog to post my S.O.T.D. The scent of this soap is incredible. It smells like you've just opened a fresh bag of cherry pipe tobacco. And to go with the sweetness of this soap's scent, I used Aqua Velva's Classic Ice Blue which goes with a lot of my soaps. This shave was not only a 2 pass BBS, but it was comfortable and a true BBS:

If you don't have this soap in your collection, shame on you.

Proraso Green & The Turbo:

Man that shave was epic, wow. For today's brush, I went with my RazoRock Plissoft 24 mm synthetic  and the lather it builds is awesome ...