Mail Call:

Today I got a killer mail call from Soap Commander out of Alabama and it's an awesome scent:

It was sealed for nuclear war, L.O.L:

I love the "Soap Commander Take Charge" tape. It's an awesome and bold statement and there was a very nice surprise in there which my mom claimed which is fine because I got the shaving soap:

And I had to do it, L.O.L:

You can't go wrong with Soap Commander's products period. That's why they're my "go to" brand when it comes to soaps. Tiki Bar is also right there with them in terms of top brands. I look forward to getting more of these fine products here pretty soon. WOO HOO!

Gillette Rubie Plus Review:

Since I decided to go with my Edwin Jagger DE 89 today, I thought I was in for a treat considering that the DE 89 is pretty good on sensiti...