A Killer & Fast Touch Up:

Wow is all I can really say at the moment. But I can tell you this, I am sold and hooked on oil stones at this point especially these Arkansas natural stones. Even though I got a really good shave today, the razor I used did tug some but not much though. So I decided to use my Soft Arkansas oil stone for a quick touch. It went lightning fast because after I got done, BOTH razors wanted to grab, dig and pull after I stropped them. Tomorrow's shave will be interesting:

Now for the Gold Monkey Jinhou I did 50 round trips followed by the usual 30/30, 15/15, 8/8 seconds with 15 round trips or clean up strokes after that I did 10 seconds worth of circles on both sides of the razor and then I stropped it. Next on the Gold Dollar 208 I did 25 round trips followed by the usual 20/20, 10/10, 5/5 seconds with 10 round trips to clean up the edge a bit then I also did 10 seconds worth of circles on the 208 and then I stropped it. The secret to Arkansas oil stones is shown below. I've NEVER seen a natural stone cut this fast before ever:

The slurry this stone has with the 3 in One oil was simply amazing and very fast but smooth cutting power. I did NOT use my little blue Norton water stone case for this touch up. I held the stone in my hand instead and the feedback I got was epic :

All in all I'm loving these Arkansas oil stones tremendously and the shave tomorrow will basically tell me how I did. The ONLY thing I use a loupe for is to see if there's any chips, nicks and/or burrs in the blade's edge. Other than that, I could care less about the scratch pattern. As long as the razor provides a nice, smooth and comfortable shave while shaving and after shaving, I'm happy. There's really NO NEED to invest in a 200X USB microscope. Of course that's just my opinion. Do what makes you happy in terms of equipment and stones.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

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