Kilted Tiki:

This morning I had an incredibly refreshing shave, wow. Almost an ice rink but wasn't quite there due to it being the last shave on this blade. Tiki Bar's Kilted Tiki was up next and I had been craving it for the last couple of days. It has a scotch whiski and peat moss scent to it and Aqua Velva's classic ice blue aftershave goes with it perfectly. And the best part is that Amanda uses actual scotch whiski to make this incredible soap which is why it's more expensive than her others. That and it's a pretty large container so it'll be a while before I get  any where near the bottom of this soap. In fact I'm not even at the half way mark with it and with this specific vegan soap, it don't take hardly any to make a nice lather at all:

TTFFC Mixed & The Track 2:

Today's shave was great. I went with my Through The Fire Fine Craft mixed soap  made by Maria Arman. I've got a ton of soaps in her...