Devil's Cut:

Today's shave was great. It was a tiny bit harsh because I didn't strop my razor enough but other than that it was great. Today I felt like using Through The Fire Fine Craft's soap and the last one I have is the Devil's Cut scented soap. The scent is definitely what it says, Jim Beam's Devil's Cut Kentucky Bourbon. It won't be long before I will have to go on a soap run either:

The post shave was a little bit harsh mainly because I didn't strop my razor enough, but I also think that edge isn't quite where I want it to be just yet either, but that will have to wait. Once and if I get paid again, I will be going on a stone buying spree if you will.

Retiring The Track 2:

This will be breaking a lot of people's hearts, but I'm retiring my 1970 Gillette Track 2  to my collection and will no longer be u...