TTFFC's Steel:

Well I am now extremely satisfied in my straight razor honing skills and that settles my craving for a straight razor shave. Through The Fire Fine Craft makes some killer soap and Steel was up next in the rotation. It has a green apple and ginger bread cookie scent to it which is incredible:

This morning's shave was epic. If I still smoked (quit 4 years ago), I'd be going for a cigarette after this one, wow. It was a nice and buttery edge that was extremely comfortable to use and yet I have an "ice rink" type of post shave and I did get it in 3 passes. I could have stopped with just 2 passes, but I wanted to go ahead and make up from where I haven't used a straight razor in a while.

#5 of 2017:

Well all good things must come to an end. Say hello to my 5th soap that I've finished off in 2017. This one was really good and I'm...