RazoRock Classic:

A great shave this morning. I don't exactly know what happened but that last Bolzano blade was a dud because I only got one good shave out of it. So I tossed it and put in a fresh Perma-Sharp blade and get a really good shave this morning and I followed that up with a nice hot shot shower. The scent on this RazoRock classic is great and is a cherry and sweet almond scent:

The post shave feel is great. I guess it's where I had a lot left over from yesterday. Tomorrow is payday for me and I'm hoping that the double open comb razor will be back in stock over at PAA. If not, I will go with another DE safety razor and get the DOC another time.

C.a.D. & The Tech:

Today's shave was great. Today I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements  and their modern day classic, C.a.D.  scent. The scent is a m...