Fortitude & DE 89:

After last night's epic and very tiresome honing session and due to a recent Google Hangouts message, I decided to use a DE for a couple of days. You will see why in tomorrow's shave. First I started off with a hot and very relaxing shower using TTFFC's bath soap (toasted marsh mallow scent) which is definitely what was needed. Next I followed that up with a very nice and close shave with Soap Commander's Fortitude which is epic and one of my top scented soaps. It has an aged hay, aged tobacco, and dark rum scent to it:

The post shave feel is great. I have to stretch the skin like I do with a straight razor on my neck area now which is why it got cleaned up in 3 passes. I really can't wait to see what's in the mail tomorrow.

Proraso Green & The Turbo:

Man that shave was epic, wow. For today's brush, I went with my RazoRock Plissoft 24 mm synthetic  and the lather it builds is awesome ...