Honing Time!

Today I decided to go ahead and hone my Steampunk wedge myself. Mainly because I am looking at getting some razors and one of them is going to Dr. Matt to be honed. It will take a while before they get here but I'll have a 7 day set once they do. As far as buying stones go, I will be just looking at 1 mid range stone later on. So lets get started:

First I went ahead and soaked my stones for a good 15 minutes. Basically my new progression will be listed as follows. Bevel set/repair, mid range and finish. First I started with my Might Mini Suehiro 1/3K combo stone followed by my Norton 8K stone using my friend Anthony Esposito's method. The razor took a beautiful edge and then some:

Next I finished on my Shoubandini Type 100 4 times using my diamond plate first then both sides of the Suehiro 1/3K, and then with my Norton 8K as a slurry stone progression if you will:

Next I stropped the razor 10 round trips on both sides of my leather strop:

Under the loupe, the edge looked great and highly polished which really doesn't matter to me. Basically the only thing I use a loupe for now is to make sure that there's no chips or anything on the edge and to make sure I hit the entire edge and didn't miss anything. I'll know how I did when I shave with it which will be tomorrow.

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