Scent Clones & Cloning 101:

I've been asked by a friend to compare a well known scent by smelling it compared to its description of the scent and a lot of the times they don't match. I was also asked about listing soaps that are clones of some old favorites which I will do based upon what I've smelled in the past. So let's get started. Before I begin, I must also inform you that I will try to keep this blog going until I can no longer share it anywhere including Facebook. Once it gets to that point, then that will truly be the end of this blog unless I can find another platform and I do intend to make shave videos really soon. I just hope no one minds my thick "hillbilly accent". So with that being said, let's get started:

For duplicate & custom scents, I highly recommend that you talk to Irena Marchu over at Ginger's Garden if you want an old favorite scent copied in a shave soap or a custom made to order scent with a fast turn around time. Here's the link to her website: . I ordered a peach scented soap which I promptly burned through in no time and what makes this so interesting is that it took her only 4 days from the time I ordered it until it arrived here. So she is fast but I say that will also depend on the scent and how complex it is. Plus she has the longest scent chart you will ever see. So if you want a shaving soap that's a cloned copy of your favorite cologne, check out Ginger's Garden. You will be glad that you did. Now onto the cloned scents that I know of:

#1: Barbasol 1980's regular canned shave foam = PAA's Cad

#2: 1938 Shulton's Old Spice = Soap Commander's Endurance

#3: Pinaud's Clubman = PAA's Clubguy

#4: Aqua Velva Classic Ice Sport = Soap Commander's Vision

#5: Welches Grape Soda = KShave Worx Grapelicious/Catie's Bubbles Knee High to a Grape

#6: Brut = KShave Worx Shaping Up

#7: York Peppermint Patty = Wet The Face Peppermint Patty

#8: Acqua di Parma colognia classica = RazoRock Triple X

#9: Scotch Whiskey = Meisner Tremonia "Strong n Scottish"

#10: Harley Davidson leather jacket = Tiki Bar "Go West"

#11: Flintstones ice cream push ups = RazoRock Don Marco

#12: Lemon meringue pie = Stirling Soaps Lemon Glacial chill

#13: Hoppe's Gun Cleaner = PAA's "home on the range" (was known as 9)

#14: Jagermeister/Vick's 44 cough syrup = Stirling Soaps Black Cherry (an old favorite of mine)

As of right now, that is the only cloned scents that I have smelled and know of. There's so many artisan soaps out there that I've not smelled that it would be next to if not impossible for me to put together a much longer list. Plus there's some that were discontinued on a permanent basis and others that were a seasonal scents which never returned except as a Limited Edition which are gone in no time. Especially with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's LE scents. Plus your mileage may vary in terms of the actual scent compared to what I smell.

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