Crackling Birch:

Today is "Soap Commander Sunday" and since a friend of mine already posted a shave of day with this soap in the Face Book groups, I figured why not and see what it was like and I'm glad that I did. The scent is called "Serenity" which hasn't been released just yet. I'm hoping it becomes a full time soap in their product line up. The scent is a "crackling birch wood" scent and when you first smell it, you get cinnamon with a little hint of birch towards the end. This changed after I bloomed the soap. The birch really came out after blooming and it was incredible. I also got a little sneaky last night and reset the bevel on my Jinhou straight razor and it's now the same edge as my gold dollar 208 which means ultra smooth and comfortable and yet no hair left behind. I also don't have hardly any forearm hair left either because of it. So today's shave was basically an "ice rink" type of shave. The scary part is that I only go as high as 8K in grit, and yet I can get a stone that goes as high as 30K if I had the funds which I still don't at the moment:

Stone Storage:

I've got so many water stones now that I needed something to store them in. So earlier tonight, I grabbed a small plastic tote from Wal...