Pumpkin 3.14 & Autum Factory:

Today's shave was extremely good and very delicious smelling to say the least. If anyone knows anything about me, I'm a foodie type of guy who loves food scented soaps especially the seasonal ones. In the fall my personal favorite dessert is pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream and this shave reflects this scent period. As I suspected and predicted, the soap is an entirely different and much better experience this time around. The soap also has more sweetness to it and is twice as slick:

The aftershave you see below is nothing short of phenomenal:

The scent is epic and since it's from PAA, I can tell right away that it'll last a really long time. It's smooth and also has bit of sweetness to it. I didn't detect much cinnamon in this aftershave compared to the soap which has just a shade bit more than the aftershave does. This has become one of my favorite aftershaves from PAA's product line.

Stone Storage:

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