A Surprise Soap:

Now that the "Dirty South Shavers" Face Book group's meet up is under way, one of the members decided to post up a new limited edition soap from Soap Commander for his shave of the day. This is a sample of that soap which has not yet been released to the general public. The name of this soap is called "Serenity" which has a phenomenal scent. It came really close to being the seasonal soap but was edged out by the current soap called "connection". The scent of this soap is a "Crackling Birch" scent. I get cinnamon in it with a little hint of birch towards the end. This is an L.E. soap so this one will go very fast when it goes up for sale:

Being a member of the seasonal scent crew has its perks to say the least. How they're doing it this year is unknown because they're planning on making some changes to the membership packages this coming year. But last year members got a choice of which level they wanted which is listed below:

Bronze Level: Shaving Soap ONLY
Last year members got multiple samples of shave soap which they voted on and just before it's released, they got a full size puck of soap. This is a great value and allows you to try various new scents. Soap Commander's samples go a really long way because they're a hard puck style of soap. I've personally heard of people getting nearly 20 shaves out of a single sample which is a 1 by 1 inch square.

Silver Level: Shaving Soap and Aftershave Balm
This was probably their most popular level last year because members not only got what was stated above in the bronze package, but they also got a full size 4 ounce bottle of the matching aftershave balm just before it's released to the general public.

Gold Level: "Take Charge Experience"
And just when you thought it could not get any sweeter, the gold level includes a matching bath bar on top of what you got in the silver package and let me tell you, these bath bars are epic. So that's a bath bar, shave soap and matching aftershave balm for every season in 1 calender year upon signing up which would be epic.

^ Like I stated earlier, this was last year's membership packages and they do plan on making changes to these packages plus they have confirmed that they are in the process of getting started making aftershave splashes but are still a long ways off. The seasonal scent crew won't be available until around the Thanksgiving holiday which I definitely plan on signing up for.

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