Bolzanos For The DOC:

This DE safety razor is great especially for those with sensitive skin and have extremely tough hair to shave because it's a bit of a sleeper in terms of post shave quality. That's if you choose the right blade that works well for this specific razor and your skin and hair type. For me the Bolzano Superinox DE blades fit that bill perfectly in this specific razor which is mild and comfortable to use. This is the ONLY safety razor that I can use Feather blades in and it's still NOT a comfortable shave either. I often get epic razor burn from those blades which goes away when I apply a mentholated aftershave balm or lotion but it still leaves my skin looking irritated after shaving instead of being healthy looking. So for me, the Bolzano Superinox blades are it for the Phoenix double open comb razor. I get the same close shave that I get with the Feather DE blades minus the harsh post shave feel which is all what we want, A close and comfortable shave:

These Bolzano blades are as sharp if not sharper than the Feather blades are, but they're much smoother and more refined and they also don't wear out quickly in this razor like the Feather blades do either. I can get 4 shaves out of the Bolzano blades which is 1 month now that I use a straight razor on a regular basis as opposed to 1 shave with the Feather blades in this razor mainly because my beard is ultra tough and resembles the texture of barbed wire, along with the fact that this specific razor is a blade eater just like the slants and other open comb razors are compared to the standard safety bar style razors that are out there. So with that being said, the Feather blades are out. You can switch razors and get completely different results with them, most being not good if you have sensitive skin like I do and the fact that they are not exactly affordable either compared to other DE blades available such as my beloved Perma-Sharp blades which were $22 U.S. Dollars shipped for 100 blades or the ever popular Astra green which are as low as $.03 cents per blade. The Feather blades usually average $.45 cents per blade depending on where you get them. My Bolzanos are roughly about $.10 cents per blade and the Perma-Sharps are $.08 cents per blade. I would love to get some tungsten DE blades which last at least 10 times longer than any blade out there PERIOD. I was told 45+ shaves per blade. It would be really cool if I can get a straight razor made out of tungsten. I'd NEVER have to hone it but once unless I wanted to re-hone it. That will not happen because people won't make money off of the tungsten blades or straight razors because it would only be a one time investment.

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's...