C.O. Bigelow & The Doc:

This morning's shave was great. C.O. Bigelow was what the doctor ordered this morning and their Menthol & Eucalyptus (Proraso Green) was most excellent this morning. And to finish off this morning's shave, I went with Skin Bracer early this morning. Sorry for the delay, my Internet service has been back on for only 2 hours now and I'm just now getting caught back up:

The doc was perfect this morning. I got another "ice rink" in just 2 passes which is unusual because it normally takes 3 passes, but I'm definitely not complaining about it. I also started with the against the grain pass instead and that may have had a lot to do with the ice rink post shave feel that I got early this morning which I will be doing from now on.

C.a.D. & The Tech:

Today's shave was great. Today I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements  and their modern day classic, C.a.D.  scent. The scent is a m...