Kilted Tiki & The Hawk:

This morning's shave was good. Tiki Bar Soap is an awesome soap and I went with my personal favorite scent of that brand which is Kilted Tiki which was made with real Scotch whiskey. Basically they take Scotch whiskey and boil the alcohol off and after it has cooled, they use it in place of the lye water. The scent of this soap is peat moss and Scotch whiskey with no alcohol. And to finish this shave off, I went with my usual splash:

The Hawk did okay but it was the last shave on this blade. So far the maximum amount of shaves I've gotten on one of these blades is 12 multi pass shaves. And I have to correct myself a bit to. Don't strop these blades. Even though it does help in the comfort department, it drastically reduces the blade's longevity by half. So I went ahead and put in a new blade with no stropping this time around. I'm also still checking out other DE razors as well.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. It's also Proraso Friday  over in the How To Grow A Moustache  Google plus community. So while I'm wai...