C.O. Bigelow & The 42C:

Today's shave was simply amazing and extremely refreshing. I got to craving a mentholated soap and I had a little spell with my allergies this morning so I went with C.O. Bigelow and their Menthol & Eucalyptus scented shaved cream which is Proraso Green re branded for them. And to finish off this shave, I paired it with Barbasol Brisk aftershave splash:

The 42C was perfect. I got a squeaky clean post shave feel in just 2.5 passes. It will be really interesting when I get a slant bar styled razor which seems to work extremely well for me and my skin type. I use to use a 37C on a daily basis until it malfunctioned beyond repair. I often miss that specific DE safety razor. That's why I've decided to go with RazoRock's German 37 slant razor.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. It's also Proraso Friday  over in the How To Grow A Moustache  Google plus community. So while I'm wai...