C.O. Bigelow & The Doc:

Today is Proraso Friday over in the Google + community, How To Grow A Moustache. I don't exactly have a Proraso named product but I do have C.O. Bigelow Menthol & Eucalyptus shave cream which was made exclusively for them by Proraso. In fact that's what this is, Proraso green. And it was an incredible shave and I finished it off with Barbasol brisk aftershave:

I used Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's doc razor which has a fresh blade in it, so I really don't have to tell you what kind of shave I got. It was a 3 pass "ice rink" post shave feel.

Proraso Green & The Shield:

Man oh man that shave was excellent. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with a modern day classic, Proraso Green  which has an i...