An Epic Honing Session:

After the last shave with this razor and viewing a friends Japanese natural water stone honing video, I caught something in it and decided to experiment a little bit. I started off with my normal honing routine and added a few things to the equation:

The first was that I soaked the stone in hot soapy water to give that stone an extremely slick surface. Normally I would not do this, but I decided to do this just to see what will happen. I also added 40 seconds worth of circles on both sides of the razor:

Next I added some ordinary dish liquid to the equation. Normally I would use glycerin instead of dish liquid, but I'm currently out of it at the moment and really haven't had time to go and get some more of it. It can be found just about any where. CVS/Walgreen's, Dollar General Stores etc:

I accidentally spilled too much on the stone so I had to start over again but normally I would use just 2 drops of glycerin or dish liquid on the stone itself and no more than that. But as you can see just below, accidents do happen:

Next I performed my honing regiment that I normally do after honing which is 25 round trips of the scrub leather and 50 on the smooth leather only this time I used my starter strop that I bought off the same friend that did the video I mentioned earlier:

Now I did this entire routine 3 times and I also flattened the stone and soaked the stone between each one. The picture below should tell you how sharp it is from the hanging hair test I performed and I didn't even feel it:

You know it's past sharp when you didn't even feel the cut and looked down to see blood. Now wait until I perform my pre shave stropping routine and to add to the wow factor even more, I will have 2 days worth of beard growth on top of that. So this will be one killer if not epic shave tomorrow if my soap comes in.

Ike & The Doc:

Today's shave was extremely nice & refreshing. Today I went with Strike Gold Shave  & their fabulous "Ike"  scented s...