The Alumigoose is in:

Well after much thought, I'm now on the 2016 buyer's list for the Aluminum version Mongoose razor which costs less than the folding version of the Feather AC razor which is now over $100 U.S. Dollars. I've already seen many shave of the day posts with the stainless steel version and it's a gorgeous razor too. I couldn't afford the $150 dollars stainless steel version, so I opted for the aluminum version instead. Now I did ask about doing a Bakelite version and they said that they would need to make a mold and the plastic wouldn't hold up if dropped which would be my luck. So the "Alumigoose" is in for 2016:

Brush Repair Failed:

Well crap is all I can say about this but that's okay, I've got plenty of brushes and it's not like I can't get anymore bru...