Mail Call:

Today's mail call is from Amazon and has been 26 years in the making. The very first time I ever shaved in my life was with what you see below and I got an epic shave with it in 1989 when I was 12. However my grandfather wasn't too pleased about that and basically hid it from me and gave me an old TTO Gillette speed glide which is what my Weishi 9306G was modeled after. Ever since I returned to wet shaving in March of 2014, I've been after this razor. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the Vintage version so I went with the replica that you see below:

The packaging wasn't fancy at all and it came in a small envelope and the speed of the arrival was decent at best. Took a little time to get here but it was worth it:

The costs is what sold me on this razor and since I got free shipping due to Christmas coming here pretty soon, that made it even sweeter than before. The blades cost me $5 U.S. Dollars at a local supermarket and I got 7 blades so that puts my costs at $.71 cents per shave which is still cheaper than a Gillette Fusion is which is beyond belief at the moment:

And as always, every new razor I buy gets a 10 minute soak in Barbicide to kill any germs and clean up the razor a tad before use which was great:

Now the blade that comes with the razor is a dud because once I switched it out, I got a really close shave. So far I'm loving this razor and it's definitely worth the costs to me because the Vintage version ranges between $50 to $90 U.S. Dollars and usually your local antique store will be just about the only place you can get one other than a shaving shop that restores and sells them. So the only way to get one is to either go Vintage and you have a choice between this one and an adjustable is also available or buy this replica version. It's got a true medium level of aggressiveness and not mild with someone claiming it to be medium like I saw a lot with the DE 89. This has replaced my Gillette Fusion and since it's an injector style razor, there should not be any travel issues at all.

Ike & The Doc:

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